‘You can’t do it to hyung~’ Shin Young-seok’s surprising hand technique

KEPCO Thais and Shin Young-seok showed off their strong chemistry even while playing.

Ahead of the match against KB Insurance held at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 9th, the warm-up that looked like KEPCO Thais game caught the eye.

I warmed up by trapping the bal메이저놀이터l using each part of my body or bouncing the ball on the floor. In particular, a technique close to the feat of turning the ball with your fingers was also shown.

Shin Young-seok, who was watching this, came next to Thais, showing a technique (?) that would not be able to beat him.

Then, Thais suggested a more difficult feat to Shin-young. It is a technique to take over the spinning ball on the finger and keep turning it.

The first attempt failed unfortunately, and Tais, who could not give up easily, started spinning the ball first this time. Shin Young-seok perfectly caught the ball spinning on Thais’ finger with one finger.

Tais was amazed at Shin Young-seok’s magical ability and smiled mischievously.

KEPCO’s ‘matchy rice cake combination’ Shin Young-seok and Tais’ master-level stunts that no one can imitate are captured in the video.

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