Yoon Ha-je, Jinju Asia Weightlifting Championships Women’s 87kg class total 2nd place Jerk 1st place

Yoon Ha-je (24, Gimhae City Hall) ranked 2nd in total and 1st in jerk in the women’s 87kg class at the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Younhaje lifted 99kg of snatch, 132kg of jerk, and 231kg ​​in total in the women’s 87kg class competition held at Jinju Gymnasium today (11th).

In impressions she placed only 5th, she came in 1st in jerks and she placed 2nd in the most important total.

Unlike the Olympics and the Asian Games, where medals are awarded only for total records, the Asian Championship awards all three categories: impression, jerk, and total.

On this day, Younhaje harvested her 1 gold medal and 1 silver medal.

The winner of this weight class was Lo Ying-Yuan (Taiwan).

Rowing Yuan took first place in the impression with 110kg.먹튀검증

In the contest, she came in second with 131kg, following Yunhaje, but kept first place (241kg) in total.

Regina Addisbaeva (Uzbekistan) weighed a total of 230kg (103kg for snatch, 127kg for jerk), 1kg behind Younhaje and placed third.

Currently, Korea has 1 gold medal (Kim Soo-hyun in the 76kg class for women), 2 silver medals (Lee Sang-yeon in the men’s 67kg class and Ha-je Yoon in the women’s 87kg class), and 2 bronze medals (76 kg for women). Lee Min-ji in the kg class and Hyung-oh Park in the men’s 81kg class).

China, the world’s strongest weightlifter, won a total of 7 gold medals and 5 silver medals.

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