Yoon Bong-woo, who went to Thailand to get the FIVB license, “There is no end to learning”

Yoon Bong-woo (41), a former male professional volleyball national team member and commentator for KBS N, recently had a busy schedule in Bangkok, Thailand, with a schedule of 5 nights and 6 days. He received leadership training from the 8th to the 13th in Bangkok, where the Asian Volleyball Federation (AVC) Development Center is located, and obtained the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Level 1 Leadership Certificate.

Just as FIFA’s leadership qualifications are divided into C, B, A, and P levels, FIVB also grants leadership qualifications from level 1 to 3, and he obtained the most basic level, Level 1 license.

There is a leader’s license issued by the Korea Volleyball Association in Korea, but it was a rare case for a leader who obtained the FIVB’s leader’s license. Association qualifications are required to teach students in middle and high schools, as well as national team leaders by age.

In the case of ‘Level 3’, the highest level like ‘P-level license’ in soccer, you become a direct coach and take a practical test to lead team training. If you pass all of them, you will be certified by FIVB and qualified to teach other trainees. get it

Commissioner Yoon Bong-woo explained in a phone call with ‘News 1’ on the 18th, “I applied for the FIVB because I was interested in it from the past, and about 30 people gathered in Thailand and passed the written and practical tests to obtain a license.”

Even during his active career, he was a ‘learning group’ to the extent that he even earned a doctorate from graduate school, which was rare for a player. This time, he headed to Bangkok, Thailand, due to his thirst for better volleyball.

Appearance of trainees receiving FIVB leadership training in Bangkok, Thailand. (provided by commentator Yoon Bong-woo)

The schedule was tighter than expected. From morning to afternoon, about 30 people gathered and received training from a former professional player from Croatia. Even in the scorching heat, after receiving a total of 40 hours of training, you have to pass both the written and practical tests to get your license.

Commissioner Yun said, “All classes are conducted in English, and foreign leaders constantly ask trainees, ‘Why are you playing volleyball?’, ‘What should I teach in this situation and how?’ I tried to bring out my thoughts by throwing question marks on my back.”

He added, “Each country’s players have different physical conditions, environments, and training methods, but I learned that I have to ask the players a question mark, communicate, and find a training method that suits them.”

Member Yoon Bong-woo, who sweated in the field and interacted with various volleyball players, expressed his wish that more leaders leave the country and go outside.

He said, “You may think, ‘I know these things,’ but in reality, there were many things I gained from meeting, exchanging, and talking with various people.”토토사이트

FIVB license training in Bangkok, Thailand. (provided by commentator Yoon Bong-woo)

The FIVB leader license process is of high interest abroad, with Thailand’s legendary setter Nutsara Tomcom (38) participating last year, but relatively little interest in Korea. This is because all classes are conducted in English. Commissioner Yoon also prepared for this test by studying the FIVB manual from two to three months ago, and was able to bear good results.

He said that this training and the process of obtaining the FIVB license was a ‘time to change his mind’.

Commissioner Yoon said, “As I get older and time passes, the idea that ‘mine’ and ‘my way’ is correct tends to harden.” I realized the importance again,” he said.

Member Yoon Bong-woo, who also runs a volleyball academy in Korea, explained, “I was able to think more about how to motivate young students and what exercises are needed for growing students to develop the stamina needed for volleyball.”

Furthermore, he laughed, saying, “Learning seems to have no end until I die. I plan to challenge FIVB level 2 and level 3 licenses in the future. There are still many things I lack.”

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