‘World Star’ appointed coach… should be utilized rather than burdensome

Legendary striker Jürgen Klinsmann (59, Germany) will be appointed as the head coach of the Korean national soccer team. The Korea Football Association officially announced on the afternoon of the 27th that Klinsman would take over the position of coach Paulo Bento.

It’s a great greeting. Klinsmann, who became the ninth full-time foreign manager in history, can be said to be the best in his career as a player and manager. Born in Germany, he made his professional debut at Stuttgarter Kickers and also played for prestigious Bayern Munich. He played for Inter Milan in Serie A and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. In particular, at Tottenham, he recorded 38 goals and 15 assists in 66 games, showing a high degree of purity.

In his national team stage, he lifted the 1990 World Cup trophy in Italy. He emerged as the main striker at the time and scored 3 goals and 2 assists메이저사이트. In 1996, he won the European Championships. His A match record is 47 goals in 108 career appearances. He also joined the Century Club.

He also left his mark as a director. After retiring as a player, he took over as head coach of the German national team. In the 2006 World Cup held in his country, he went on a winning streak and reached 3rd place, which was more than expected at the time. Since the summer of 2008, he has been coaching Bayern Munich for 10 months.

However, recent progress has not been very good. After stepping down from the US national team in 2016, he took over as manager of Hertha Berlin in 2019, but left the team after three months. The way he left was also unique. He announced his intention to resign in a live broadcast via his Facebook account, not at an official press conference or on the club’s official channel. Hertha club accused him of being irresponsible. He did not return to the field for about 3 years after that.

But a star was a star. When the association announced the news of the appointment of Klinsman, domestic and foreign media outlets poured out articles all at once. German media such as Built, Kicker, and Goal.com Germany Edition, as well as many media outlets such as the British BBC and Bein Sports, paid attention to Klinsman’s progress. It’s definitely a different atmosphere from when Bento was appointed as coach.

Since taking office in March, Klinsman’s every move will be focused domestically and internationally from the friendly match against Colombia on the 24th of next month. As the manager is Klinsman and the captain is Son Heung-min, there is no choice but to be of great interest worldwide. Associations and national teams should make full use of this. Excessive interest can be a burden, but internally, a good relationship with the director must be formed to make good use of his class and network.

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