Women’s handball championship candidate SK Shuggles VS Gwangju City Public, the first ‘male and female’ competition

Gwangmyeong SK Sugar Gliders (hereafter referred to as SK Sugar Gliders), women’s handball who are trying to regain the top spot after 3 years, will compete against Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, who are considered favorites for the championship together with them, in their first face-to-face match of the season.

SK Shuggles (+6 goals) and Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation (+9 goals), who will meet after about 10 months since the playoff clash in March last year, recorded two consecutive wins last week in the opening series of the 2022-2023 SK Handball Korea League Gwangmyeong. , 1st place Samcheok City Hall (2 wins, +13 goals) are running in 3rd and 2nd places without a difference in points.

The two teams nominated by experts as candidates for the championship will compete in the first round at the Gijang Gymnasium in Busan at 4:00 pm on the 13th. For SK Shuggles, this is an opportunity to avenge their failure to advance to the championship finals after losing to Gwangju City Corporation by 5 goals last season with a forced march at the end of the season amid bad news from key players infected with Corona 19.

The head coach has changed and SK Shuggles, which has been newly reinforced by Shim Hae-in and Song Ji-eun from the national team, is leading the way with 17 points in 2 games this season, center back Kwon Kwon-na, who was the top scorer last season, and with the addition of representative players, the air and defense power is strong. It is expected to become more solid.

Coach Kim Kyung-jin calculated that, in addition to Kwon Na, the 2018-2019 season top scorer Song Ji-eun, who scored 12 goals in 2 games, and existing players such as Yoo So-jeong and Choi Su-min, who scored 12 goals in 2 games, shared their roles and showed various offensive powers. 메이저사이트

Against this, Gwangju Urban Corporation is considered a strong candidate for the championship based on its steady growth. The core power of the team that defeated the Gyeongnam Development Corporation and Daegu City Hall in the opening series last week is Kang Kyung-min, who won the top scorer in a row in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. He scored 15 points in the previous two matches and showed off his scoring ability. Song Hye-soo, Kim Ji-hyeon, and Seo A-ru are supporting them.

Meanwhile, on the 15th, two days later, SK Shuggles will face the lowest ranked Daegu City Hall (2 losses), and if they win the first match of the ‘Preliminary Champion Match’ against Gwangju City Corporation on this day, they will definitely bring the atmosphere of the beginning with a 4-game winning streak. expected to be able to

SK Shuggles coach Kim Kyung-min said, “We won the previous Gwangmyeong game, but we were not satisfied. It takes some time for the new players to get along with the existing players. However, since the Gwangju City Construction Match is more important than any other game, the players are well aware of its importance. I will do my best to lead you to victory.”

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