Will Yasmin come back? Women’s foreign tryouts from the 11th

Following the men’s division, the women’s foreign player tryout and draft will be held from the 11th to the 13th in Istanbul, Turkey. In particular, attention is focused on whether Yasmin (USA), who played for Hyundai E&C, can return to the V-League.

According to the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO), a total of 55 people applied for this tryout, and 44 people made it to the final list. Four players who played an active part in the V-League last season were also included. Catbell (USA), the best player (MVP) in the championship match that led Korea Expressway Corporation to victory in the 2022-2023 season, as well as Yelena (Bosnia), Moma (Cameroon), and Santana (USA) challenged. Cuban national team Dalila Palma and Serbian Banja Savic also hoped to go to Korea.

Above all, the participation of Yasmin, who left Hyundai E&C due to a back injury during the last season, draws the most attention. Yasmin is still not fully fit, but multiple teams are watching.

Yasmine is an attractive card. After wearing a Hyundai E&C uniform as the 2nd ranked foreign player draft in the 2021-2022 season, he played a big role as the 1st sub, 2nd in attack success rate, and 4th in scoring. Thanks to Yasmin, Hyundai E&C ran an overwhelming first place with 28 wins, 3 losses and 82 points, but the league was terminated early due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), so it was unable to establish a relationship with the championship. Last season, Yasmin, who showed off his powerful firepower, made a splash by recording 15 consecutive victories in the opening season.

But injuries got in the way. Yasmin, who continued the forced march, broke away from the front line due to a herniated disc treatment in the early 3rd round, and Hyundai E&C lost to Expressway Corporation in the playoffs without being able to fill the void.

Yasmin, who left Korea in early March and devoted herself to rehabilitation in her hometown, applied for a tryout in hopes of playing again in the V-League. Some clubs started to check Yasmin’s physical condition. If he only recovers from his injury, his skills have already been verified enough to be considered as the first choice candidate.토스카지노

Meanwhile, the order of nomination is decided by lottery after putting in different numbers of marbles according to the final results of the last season. 7th with 35 Pepper Savings Bank, 6th with 30 IBK Industrial Bank, 5th with 25 GS Caltex, 4th with KGC Ginseng Corporation with 20, 3rd with 15 Hyundai E&C, 2nd with 10 Heungkuk Life Insurance, 1st You will be given marbles such as 5 Korea Expressway Corporation.

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