Why did the PIT ignore the failure to steal Bae Ji-hwan? The regret of the 6th challenge

 Why didn’t you take on the challenge?

The Pittsburgh Pirates suffered a come-from-behind loss 3-6 in a game against the Baltimore Orioles held at Camden Yard Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time).

Pittsburgh, which suffered a sudden drop to 1 win and 10 losses in 11 games since the match against the Washington Nationals on the 1st, including the recent 3 consecutive losses, marked 21 wins and 18 losses, and its winning rate, which had exceeded 70 percent, was in a precarious situation even at 50 percent. In the NL Central District, it is second, 0.5 games behind the leading Milwaukee Brewers.

The cause of Pittsburgh’s sluggishness can be found in the lack of concentration of players in detailed play and in the fact that there are many misses in the judgment of the bench at crucial moments.

In the game that day, in the bottom of the 6th inning leading 1-0, there was a scene that revealed Pittsburgh’s current state in defense.

Pittsburgh starter Yohan Oviedo, who pitched well with no runs, faced a crisis by allowing a triple to Baltimore’s Ryan Mountcastle. The batted ball pushed by Mountcastle flew high into the right outfield. Pittsburgh right fielder Conor Joe ran near the foul line and slid his glove out, but the ball landed in foul territory. However, a pair was declared and Mountcastle ran to third base.

At this time, Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton asked for a challenge. On the replay screen, it appeared that Mountcastle’s batted ball hit Joe’s glove in the fair area and fell into the foul area. The centrifuge was upheld, and Pittsburgh could no longer request a challenge.

The Major League Challenge can be requested once, and if successful and induces a reversal, an additional request can be requested. Pittsburgh, which failed in the first challenge, did not have a chance to challenge even when the moment came.

When Oviedo walked the next hitter, Adam Frazier, manager Shelton replaced the pitcher with Dowry Moretta. However, after Moretta struck out Austin Hayes, Gunner Henderson committed a wild throw from 1st, 1st and 3rd base, and Mountcastle stepped home and tied the score 1-1.

Pittsburgh’s attack in the top of the 7th followed. Pittsburgh, which took a 2-1 lead with Joe’s solo homer, created a chance with Bae Ji-hwan’s right-handed hit after two outs. Bae Ji-hwan pulled the slider in the middle of the 87.3 mph on the 8th pitch after a close battle with left-hander Danny Coulom, and scored a line drive hit in front of the right fielder.

With the opposing pitcher replaced by Brian Baker, Bae Ji-hwan attempted to steal second base on the first pitch in Hedges’ at-bat. Bae Ji-hwan’s hand seemed to have touched the base first, but second base umpire John Rebekah made an ‘overrun’ gesture and ruled it out. However, I couldn’t be sure that it was an out on the replay screen. However, Pittsburgh lost the opportunity to request a challenge.메이저사이트

After the game, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a local media outlet, said, ‘Bae Ji-hwan tried to steal the base in the top of the 7th inning, but was out again. Shelton claimed it was safe, but it didn’t matter if he was right because Pittsburgh was out of a challenge opportunity,’ he commented.

Pittsburgh ended up turning 2-3 at the bottom of the 7th inning when bullpens Jose Hernandez and Duane Underwood Jr. collapsed, and in the bottom of the 8th, Underwood hit a superior 3-run homer from Cedric Mullins and completely surrendered the game.

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