When it’s important, the Twin Towers ‘messed up’… NBA Minnesota Gobert suspended 1 game

NBA Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert received a regular disciplinary action for one game after punching a teammate during the game.

In the match against the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers, which were to advance to the playoffs (PO), the operation of the ‘Twin Towers’, which is Minnesota’s pride, was also canceled.

The Minnesota club announced on its website on the 11th (Korean time) that it had ordered Gobert suspended for one game due to internal discipline.

Gobert punched teammate Kyle Anderson in the chest in the last game of the 2022-2023 NBA regular season against the New Orleans Pelicans held at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the home stadium the day before.

Gobert, who was arguing with Anderson on the bench during the second quarter operation time, couldn’t hold back his anger and threw a punch.

Gobert, who was immediately pulled out of the game and kicked home, took to social media after the match, saying, “Emotions prevailed. Whatever I was told, I shouldn’t have reacted that way. To the fans, to the club, and especially to my teammate Anderson whom I love and respect. I want to apologize,” he wrote.

However, President Tim Connelly, who announced the action at the time, saying, “This behavior is unacceptable,” eventually decided to punish Gobert, a key player, from playing in the next game.

The Lakers game, in which Gobert was absent, is Minnesota’s most important game this season.

8th place in the Western Conference (42-40) Minnesota competes with the 7th place Lakers (43-39) for PO advancement in the play-in tournament.

If they lose this game scheduled for the morning of the 12th, Minnesota will miss the 7th seed in the West.

Afterwards, the 9th and 10th ranked teams, the New Orleans Pelicans (42-40) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (40-42), will play again for the 8th seed, and if they lose here, the PO possibility completely disappears.

It was an emergency for Minnesota. 메이저놀이터

This is because Gobert’s defense under the goal is needed to stand up to LeBron James, who is good at breaking through the goal, and Anthony Davis, who is good at controlling the air.

The absence is all the more painful because he paid a huge price before the opening to bring in Gobert for such a short-term success.

For Gobert, Minnesota gave away Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverly, Jared Vanderbilt, and Leandro Volmaro to the Utah Jazz, and handed over Walker Kessler in the first round of this year’s draft and all first-round picks in 2023, 2025, 2027, and 2029. .

Gobert (216 cm), who boasts the NBA’s best under-the-goal defense, and Karl-Anthony Towns (211 cm), the team’s signature player, formed a ‘twin tower’ to overwhelm the opponent from under the goal.

In addition, Minnesota has recently inflated anticipation for the Twin Towers.

This is because Towns disappeared for a while due to a long-term injury, but only returned at the end of the regular season and started matching with Gobert on the court.

According to the Associated Press, Lakers coach Davin Hamm emphasized, “(The situation with Gobert and Minnesota) is unfortunate, but we will focus on our game.”

Davis also said, “There will be a blow to the opposing team’s defense. However, if Towns enters the center, the offense may improve even if the defense decreases,” he said.

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