What we can learn from Joel Damen’s bean bag toss technique

Some call Joel Damen a kind of cornhole advocate. I’ve heard that he’s even considering going to the Cornhole Tour School (not to be confused with the Corn Ferry Tour School). So, let’s take a look at his moves.

Damen’s movements are very easy to see. His rhythm seems to jump off the page. Known for his extreme precision and trajectory control, Damen throws every bean bag as if he’s targeting a pin close to the edge of the green with a 5-iron. 

If you look closely and analyze this throw, the approach follows very smoothly, as you can see in the first few photos here. He initiates the movement using the ground and lowers his body to allow vertical forces to intervene. He’s perfectly positioned for a desirable release. 

I especially like the way his arms start rolling back in frame 3, an important move that amateur cornhole players should emulate. Watch his right hand curl inward, then rotate it outward again in frames 4 and 5. This move takes real talent and hours of practice (and maybe a couple of adult drinks).

Now let’s look at the secret of his deadly accuracy. You can see Damen getting taller in frame 5 just before he flicks his right wrist and releases the bean bag. Notice the upward tilt towards his hat as he does the follow-through? Also pay attention to the coordination of body movements and arm swings. This is because synchronization of these movements is of utmost importance.

Not to be overlooked is the role of Damen’s right index finger and the way it points to the cornhole at the finish of his graceful toss. This is proof that he has perfect control over the bean bag. This can’t be ‘woody’ (for those who don’t know the term cornhole, it means a pocket that stays on the board and doesn’t go into a hole when the frame ends).

His beautiful and relaxed finish should be noted. Standing on your right toe at the end of the toss and balancing your posture means everything. This behavior will continue for years to come.

So what can we learn from Damen’s cornhole skills? There is no rush or urgency like a great golf swing, and no tension in the body. He just seems to throw junk mail in the trash. 메이저사이트

Note: I played with marbles as a kid and was good at knocking over and snatching things from classmates from 10 yards. As Damen would have said, everything is on the wrist. Of course he won’t tell you this if he’s betting cash with you. 

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