“What are you doing, you Chinese?” Shocking ‘teacher’s’ racism → Lee Kang-in’s reaction is even more ‘shocking’

“What are you doing, you Chinaman (¿Que Haces Chino?)”

Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) was racially abused by his “teacher,” Javier Aguirre (65). Of course, Aguirre doesn’t seem to realize what he’s saying is racist.토토사이트

A training video titled “Just a fun-loving prankster, Lee Kang-in” was posted on Mallorca’s official YouTube channel on Nov. 11 (KST), and it clearly shows the racist remarks. At 1:23 of the video, after Lee’s shot goes wide of the goal, the words “Chinese, what are you doing?” are heard. It’s believed to have been spoken by Aguirre, who was coaching the team.

Lee’s reaction is even more surprising. He just laughed it off. If a teammate or coach had suddenly spat out this racial slur, Lee’s expression would have been different. The fact that he doesn’t show any embarrassment suggests that this is a phrase that Aguirre has been using on a regular basis.

In fact, in a short video posted by a user on Twitter, Aguirre said, “What are you doing, Chinese?” when he saw Lee Kang-in. It’s a different day than the video posted on Mallorca’s official YouTube channel. We can also see that he kept referring to Lee as “Chino”.

Lee, who has lived in Spain since 2011, is well aware that chino is a derogatory term for Asians. Two years ago, Lee appeared on the soccer YouTube channel Shoot for Love and said, “I see an Asian person and say ‘chino'” as an example of racism. In fact, in Spain, the word “chino” and the act of tearing out one’s eyes is a common slur against Asians.

Chino, which means Chinese, is a common derogatory term for Asians in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s easy to say, and it’s certainly not a term of endearment, but it is used to demean Asians. For example, it’s rude to refer to someone as a nationality when you don’t know their nationality. If you don’t know a person’s nationality, it’s customary to ask them, “What country are you from? Many Spanish-speaking people lump Asians under the term chino, which simply means Chinese, which is often racist. There are also some people who will call you a chino even if they can tell you’re not Chinese.

Of course, there’s no way Aguirre doesn’t know Lee’s nationality. It’s possible that he didn’t realize it was a racial slur and used the word without malice. But even if he didn’t know it was wrong, it’s still unforgivable. The fact that the word chino is widely used in Spanish society to refer to people of Asian descent and is used as a nickname is not an excuse. There is also the name Lee Kang-in, the word “Asiático” for Asian, and the word “Coreano” for Korean. There’s no shortage of nicknames for the team’s only Asian player.

The Mallorca club also posted a video of the racist remarks on their official YouTube channel, which suggests that they are either familiar with the term “chino” or don’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

World soccer has a history of fighting racism. Every time a player has been targeted by racism, clubs have taken strong action. Despite this, the sport continues to be riddled with racism. Especially in Spain. On February 22, Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) was insulted as a “monkey” by Valencia fans. After being racially abused, Vinicius took to social media to say, “This is not the first, second, or third time. Racism has become normalized in La Liga.” “I can’t protect myself (from racism). I agree. But I am strong and I will fight against racism.”

In the Spanish league, where racism has become the norm, it’s not just spectators in the majority who are the targets of abuse. It was a coach calling a player a “chino” in the top division of the Spanish league, which is nothing short of shocking.

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