What about the 2023 season evaluation of San Diego Padres second baseman Kim Ha-seong (27), who is changing positions?

Brian Kelly (59), a veteran host of MLB Network’s’MLB NOW’, ranked 10th in the 2023 second baseman category. This is a very noteworthy evaluation. Currently, MLB Network is announcing the ‘Top 10 Right Now’ by position. Until last week, starting with the bullpen pitcher, he also announced the shortstop. The remaining unannounced positions are starting pitcher and catcher.

‘Top 10 Right Now’ is based on MLB Network’s statistical algorithm Shredder. Rankings are based on mood data and save metrics records, without human emotion or bias. Evaluates both offense and defense. However, it is true that offense is more important than defense. After Shredder’s ranking, host Brian Kelly and the panel separately announce their expected top 10 for each position.

Kim Ha-seong inevitably changed his position as San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with Xander Bogarts in the offseason. The possibility of a trade has also been raised, but for now, he is expected to face the 2023 season with a position change. Kim Ha-seong, who joined the 2021 season, played a total of 21 games as a second baseman. He is a natural position shortstop and 162 games and 42 games at third base. However, in the 2023 season, he will be reborn as a second baseman. MLB Network host Kelly’s 10th place in the second baseman ranking draws attention in that respect.

The second baseman division rankings announced by the MLB Network Algorithm Shredder are as follows. 1st Houston Astros Jose Altuve, 2nd New York Mets Jeff McNeil, 3rd Cleveland Guidance Andres Jimenez, 4th Texas Rangers Marcus Simien, 5th Tampa Bay Rays Brandon Rowe, 6th Minnesota Twins Jorge Polanco, 7th St. Louis Cardinals Brandan Donovan , 8th Arizona Diamondbacks Keitel Matei, 9th Seattle Mariners Colten Wong and 10th New York Yankees Glaber Torres. 메이저사이트

Among them, four players entered the top 10 for the first time: Jimenez of Cleveland, Donovan of St. Louis, Wong of Seattle, and Torres of Yankees. Altuwe has been ranked first in the second baseman category for four consecutive years. Rookie Donovan in the 2022 season is a super utility man. He has the most appearances at second base per position, with 35 games. Still, the MLB Network’s algorithm ranked Donovan at No. 7. Wong played for the Milwaukee Brewers last season.

Host Kelly’s ranking is 1st Altuve, 2nd Jimenez, 3rd Simien, 4th McNeil, 5th Polanco, 6th Matei. 7th place Aji Albis (Atlanta Braves), 8th place Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs), 9th place Jazz Chisolm Jr. (Miami Marlins), and 10th place Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) were selected. Rowe, Donovan, and Wong were left out, but Horner, Chisholm Jr., and Kim Ha-seong were included. Former Colorado Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd, who appeared on the panel, included Alvis, Horna, and Chisholm Jr., but not Donovan, Matei, and Wong.

Host Kelly selected Ha-seong Kim as the 10th ranked second baseman, saying, “Ha-seong Kim has only been in the United States for two years. Last year, he adapted very well in karate. He contributed to the team going to the postseason with not only basic defense but also fantastic play. He also has good contact at bat. Although he changed positions, the adaptation from shortstop to second base is not much of a problem. He is an infielder who is highly anticipated by the team this year as well.”

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