Usually ‘best friends’, ‘enemies’ in the arena, “We play like we’re going to kill each other and hug”

 Seon-min is the only player I hug after the game.”

Kim Dong-min (29, Incheon United) and Moon Seon-min (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) are relatively unknown soccer best friends. 

The two, who joined Incheon side by side in 2017, are still the most relied on despite having different enemies. They developed friendship while serving in the military together. In December 2019, Moon Seon-min enlisted in Sangju Sangmu (now Gimcheon Sangmu), and Kim Dong-min followed him six months later. They are said to be playing online games together. 

When these two close friends meet at the stadium, they become ‘enemies’. Moon Seon-min is considered to be one of the best wingers in Korea and one of the best. It is not easy for even a defender with fairly fast feet to block his breakthrough. On the other hand, Kim Dong-min is known as the ‘Moon Seon-min Killer’. Even in the 2019 season, when his skills were not blossoming, Moon Seon-min was completely blocked. 

On the 14th, the confrontation between the two took place once again at the Incheon Soccer Stadium. Kim Dong-min played as the right center back of the three-back and Moon Seon-min played as the left winger, so there was no choice but to keep bumping into each other. Kim Dong-min dealt with Moon Seon-min, who boasted of a recently improved condition, roughly. In the 11th minute of the game, he received a yellow card for blocking Moon Seon-min’s breakthrough. 

The confrontation between the two was fierce as if the sediment was piled up. After struggling to break through and block it for 90 minutes, Kim Dong-min laughed. This is because Incheon and Jeonbuk drew 0-0, and as a result, Moon Seon-min did not score. 

After the game, Kim Dong-min said in an interview with Mixt Zone with this magazine, “The day before the game, Seon-min hyung said he would break through me, and I said, ‘I’m not a hyung killer’. I am grateful that Seon-min played a good game with hyung and made memories.” 

It was different from the mindset of confronting Moon Seon-min. Kim Dong-min said, “I had no desire to lose to Seon-min hyung. This hyung thought, ‘I’m going to kill you today’. Every time he caught the ball he was either close or verbally tricked. He attacked his mentality by saying ‘going, going’ when the ball was not actually going. He laughed, saying, “It’s fun to play against his brother.”

Moon Seon-min also talked about confrontation with Kim Dong-min in a recent phone call with this magazine. He said, “Dong-min always does (like killing). He doesn’t know about other players, but he doesn’t want to be penetrated by me.” Unfortunately, he couldn’t score a goal against Incheon, but in a way, Dongmin won,” he acknowledged his younger brother’s performance. 메이저사이트

The two, who served in the military in Sangju and Gimcheon, were roommates for nearly a year. Friendship grew in the army, and we became friends who supported and supported each other. Kim Dong-min said, “Whenever I was in Sangmu, whenever I had a hard time, we ate ramen and talked together.” “I have never hugged an opponent after a game. Seonmin hyung is the only player I can hug. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “He is the older brother I need.” 

Seonmin Moon, who heard that he was the ‘only player who hugged’, said, “I knew it for the first time,” but also said, “It’s a junior who cares for me that much.” However, Moon Seon-min said, “Next time, I will also sharpen my sword and compete. I will kill (Dongmin)” foreshadowing a more intense next.

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