U-turn in front of Sangmu, revived in Australia. What will be the year 2023 for the ‘Yongdusami’ giant gun duo?

 Will the home run king of the 2nd team and the home run king of the exhibition match quench the LG Twins’ right-handed hitter thirst?

LG always had a thirst for a right-handed hitter. This is because most of the team’s main hitters were left-handed hitters. Even in last season’s lineup, right-handed hitters were only Chae Eun-seong and Yoo Gang-nam, and all were left-handed hitters.

Still, right-handed hitters, especially Geopo, are growing little by little. And in the 2023 season, the field of opportunity is opening up for these geopo prospects.

The first to get a chance was Lee Jae-won, the ‘2nd team home run king’. He had a different level of power. Lee Jae-won, who had a batting average of .318, 5 homers, and 15 RBIs in May last season alone, fell into a sluggish situation, posting a batting average of .224, 50 hits, 13 homers, and 43 RBIs in 85 appearances. . After last season, he tried to solve the military problem by submitting an application to Sangmu, but new coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop strongly expressed his desire to raise him, so Lee Jae-won canceled his military service and decided to serve one more year. Lee Jae-won is listed as the first candidate for the first baseman position that Chae Eun-seong left. 온라인카지노

Song Chan-eui, who was only a ‘Yongdusami’ last year, opened the door of opportunity again in the Australian League. Song Chan-eui, who hit six home runs in the exhibition game last year and became the home run king, could not hit like the exhibition game in the regular season. He couldn’t cope with the manned pitches of his opponents, appearing in 33 games, batting 2.3s and 6s, with 17 hits, 3 homers and 10 RBIs.

He saw hope again in Geelong Korea, which he chose for growth. Song Chan-eui, who was selected as the top hitter in rounds 1 and 2 by hitting hard from the beginning, played an active role as the team’s leading hitter with a batting average of 3.24, 33 hits, 7 homers and 24 RBIs in 28 games.

Particularly noteworthy is the number of home runs per at-bat. He hit 7 in 113 at bats, hitting one home run in 16.7 at bats. Last year, home run king Park Byeong-ho (KT Wiz) hit a home run in every 13.9 at-bats, and Choi Jeong-eun of SSG Landers hit a home run in 19.4 at-bats. Most of the hitters in the home run rankings, including Jose Pirella (Samsung, 22.5 at bats), Oh Ji-hwan (LG, 22.8 at bats), Kim Jae-hwan (22.8 at bats), and Kim Hyeon-soo (LG, 26.3 at bats), also hit one home run over 20 at-bats.

Although Song Chan-eui’s record was set in an Australian league with a lower level and different style than the KBO league, it is enough to know that he has long hitting power.

Song Chan-eui has the potential for a right-handed hitter and multiplayer. He can cover first base and outfield as well as second base. Currently, there are almost no starters for each position in LG, so there is no clear position for Song Chan-eui. However, he can come out when there is an injury, a sluggish player, or when the opponent is a left-handed pitcher.

LG is a right-handed hitter and takes on the 4th hitter, and Chae Eun-seong, who has been balancing left-handed hitters, is leaving and needs a right-handed hitter. Will Lee Jae-won and Song Chan-eui be able to carry on the lineage of right-handed hitters?

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