Top Five Digital Marketing Tools to Watch Out in 2014

This article will discuss some of the most popular tools of online marketing trends of this year to help you decide which one suits your business plan.

Hashtags: Becoming A Major Tool

Hashtags have become a leading tool to search content related to a particular topic. It is commonly used in the social networking platform like Google+, askanadviser Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. Since its popularity is growing rapidly, Google has increased its visibility in its search engine as well.

Cellular Marketing: Rising Everyday

Nowadays, longpropc approximately 70 per cent of people are using smart phones for the purpose of social networking. Various applications accessible through cell phones offer a plethora of information readily. Hence, it has become easier to keep pace with the evolving market.

Business endorsement through mobile phones is more cost-effective as compared to television advertisement or any conventional means of advertising. Firms are increasingly developing mobile websites as consumers are turning towards smart phones and iPhones.

Social Media Sites: Dominating Online

Besides Twitter and Facebook, people are now exploring new social networking sites like Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube etc온라인카지노. All such sites are becoming popular platforms for sharing and learning about new things. Businesses are now communicating with their potential customers through images and videos. The biggest advantage of social networking websites is that they are a convenient and cheap mode of advertising.

Blogging: Drives Branding

Researches have suggested that around 92 per cent of firms that indulge in blogging on a regular basis are successful in attracting more customers. Firms are actively engaging in establishing healthy relationship with their customers by generating relevant online content. The content includes authentic and informative industry updates that are interesting for the customers. Blogging helps firms to build loyalty among their target market.

Geo Targeting Services

Geo-targeting services will mark a substantial growth in the digital world soon. It is also termed as geo-marketing as it is used to determine the location of your website visitors and offers contents to different visitors based on their location. Geo-targeting service is an economical and result-giving option, for the firms dealing in retail business. It helps the business to keep their customers more informed about their brand.

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