Tokyo Olympics → WBC eliminated → 0 humiliation, reflection of Hanwha’s native ace “It’s natural to drop out, you have to do well consistently”

Hanwha Eagles’ native ace Kim Min-woo participated in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic team. However, he was not selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team (30 players) to be held in March.

As Min-woo Kim was also not selected, Hanwha is the only team out of 10 that does not have a national team player. Cho Bum-hyun, chairman of the KBO Technical Committee, said, “I am sorry that I was left out because I was selected as the best in the selection criteria. There was a Hanwha player that we discussed, but we ended up leaving it메이저사이트 out.”

In the WBC team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, LG produced the most national players with 6 players. KT is next with 4 players. Kiwoom, KIA, NC, and Doosan , SSG each have 3. Lotte has 2 and Samsung has 1.

Recently, major leaguer Choi Ji-hoon was eliminated due to opposition from the Pittsburgh club, and SSG outfielder Choi Ji-hoon was selected as a substitute.

3 Hanwha, which stayed at the bottom for consecutive years, had to face the bitter reality as the number of national team players also decreased to 0. In January, Shin-soo Choo (SSG) argued that “a promising player like Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) should have been selected as the national team,” but public opinion supported it. It was not received and the criticism was driven by the headwind.

Kim Min-woo, Park Se-woong, and Won Tae-in were selected as young right-handed starting pitchers for the Tokyo Olympics. Only Kim Min-woo was left out of the WBC team, while Park Se-woong and Won Tae-in continued to be selected.

To Minwoo Kim, whom I met at Mesa Bellbank Park in Arizona, USA, ‘Unlike the two athletes who went to the Tokyo Olympics together, I am not alone. Do you have any regrets?” he asked.

He said, “I have no regrets. It’s natural that I couldn’t make it to the national team. Those players consistently performed well. I had such good results the year before last, and it was only natural that I wasn’t selected because I had a bad performance last year.

” Is there any regret for not being able to consistently show a good figure last year following 14 wins in 2018? Kim Min-woo said, “There are so many regrets like that.” I’ve learned a lot by watching how they are doing.

” Then, he revealed his goal, “There are still international competitions in the future. I want to do well and wear the Taegeuk mark again.

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