“There was also an offer to renew the contract for two years… .“ Abondanza, who resigned as the head coach of the Greek national team, went all-in with Heungkuk Life Insurance

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza expressed his will to focus on leading Heungkuk Life Insurance.

At the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ Postseason Media Day held at Nuritkum Square in Sangam, Seoul on the 20th, coach Abondanza said, “I am resting well. After winning, I can rest in a better mood than when I lost,” he said with a smile, expressing his feelings about winning the last game of the regular league.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who recorded 27 wins, 9 losses and 82 points this season, won the regular league championship by beating Hyundai Engineering & Construction (24 wins, 12 losses, 70 points), who had 15 consecutive wins in the opening season. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which went directly to the championship match, will determine the winner and championship of the playoff between Hyundai E&C and Korea Expressway Corporation on the 29th.

Coach Abondanza said, “I don’t know which team will come up, so it’s going to be difficult to prepare in detail.” I’m trying to do some basic exercises. In particular, I plan to practice turning the attack to the side out,” he explained the preparation plan for the championship match.

Head coach Abondanza, who came to Heungkuk Life Insurance somewhat unexpectedly this season, recently resigned from his previous position as head coach of the Greek national team. This is to focus on leading Heungkuk Life Insurance.

“I had one year left on my contract with the Greek national team,” Abondanza said. He even talked about signing a contract for another two years. But he decided to try something new, and the talks went well with the Greek national team. He also talked about returning later. He has been coaching for 11 years, taking charge of both national and club teams. However, he thought it would be difficult for him to hold a concurrent position with the national team because Korea plays the KOVO Cup in the summer,” he said, explaining why he resigned from the Greek national team coaching position. 카지노사이트

Director Abondanza laughed, saying, “I think it can be said that I went all-in with Heungkuk Life Insurance,” and said, “It is true. Since Korea has to prepare for the KOVO Cup from June, it is difficult to hold a second position. Even when I was in charge of the Canadian national team, I remember that it was difficult to hold a second position.”

Coach Abondanza, who stressed that both mental and physical aspects are important in short matches, said, “Every game has to be played in a short time. It’s hard to change in a week what hasn’t changed in six months. I will do my best to prepare,” he said, determined to face the championship match.

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