The secret of SSG’s super rookie fastball, which doesn’t know where it will move, is in the exceptionally long middle finger 

 It is not as simple as it seems simple. Even if the fastball-oriented ball combination is unfolded, it is embarrassing to the opponent batter as the ball moves. Even more so if you are facing a hitter for the first time. SSG super rookie Song Young-jin (19) revealed his secret to good fighting.

It’s really a belly button. A rookie who had just graduated from high school joined the starting lineup from the beginning of the season and continued to fight well. SSG, which formed the opening rotation without ace Kim Gwang-hyun and foreign starting pitcher Annie Romero, relieved worries about the starting lineup with Song Young-jin coming to mind. It is at the beginning of this season that Song Young-jin is also taking a large part in the competition for top rookies.

He also pitched well in his last start before the break. On the 26th, Song Young-jin played an active role with 3 runs (2 ERA) in 6 innings against LG in Jamsil and won his 2nd win of the season. He also recorded his first quality start (6 or more starting innings and 3 earned runs or less). 71 out of 85 pitches were fastballs, leading the team to victory by actively confronting opposing batters.

After the game, Song Young-jin said, “I was worried because the seniors on the LG lineup had a good hitting feeling recently, but the more he did, the more he tried to pitch as much as possible. Senior Kim Min-shik’s lead was good, and the batter seniors helped me well, so I think good results came out.”

Regarding the high proportion of the fastball, he said, “The end is a bit messy. In some ways, it can be a breaking ball and in some ways, it can be a normal fastball. That seems to work a bit. He became a four-seam, then a cutter and sinker. I try to throw as consistently as possible, but the tip of the ball changes without me knowing.”

The secret was the fingers. Song Young-jin showed his finger and said, “I didn’t know before, but the coaches looked at my hand and said that my middle finger was longer than normal and my index finger was shorter. So even when pitching, the ball is caught more with the middle finger than the index finger. Blisters and bruises on the nails are also common on the middle finger. Since more power is transmitted to the middle finger than the index finger, the ball moves with a cutter and two-headedness.” 먹튀검증

Regarding the starting rotation at the same time as joining, he said, “It wasn’t difficult. The coaches in the training part created a routine prior to the start, and I prepared by following it. The day before the start, there was nothing particularly nervous about it. He just thought he was pitching every game,” he said flatly.

There are no starting pitches for the time being. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung and coaching staff plan to remove Song Young-jin from the rotation to manage them. He can sit out of the bullpen after taking five days off, or he can start after resting in the second team. The long-term plan is to become a starting pitcher, but he prioritizes his management.

Regarding this, Song Young-jin said, “I want to show a good image no matter where I throw it. And when he gets back into the rotation, I want to see him play more innings. He threw 6 innings, and after that he wants to throw 7, 8, and even 9 innings. So, he set a task for himself, saying, “Many innings with many goals and management of pitches for this.”

When asked about the rookie of the year, he humbled himself. Song Young-jin said, “Isn’t there senior Moon Dong-ju and (Kim) Seo-hyun? Both are overkill for me. I just promise to do my best in what I do.”

Lastly, she did not forget Song Young-jin’s gratitude towards her fans. “I know she signs autographs for 100 of her fans on Saturdays,” she said of attending autographs for her fans at home games over the weekend. I want to sign autographs for more people. I am also sorry,” she said. As a pitcher who can become the face of SSG in the future, he was sincere in his fan service.

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