The reunion of director Kim Seong-geun, the wish of ‘That Child in Hot Chocolate’ “If you go up to the 1st team, be sure to invite”

NC Dinos rookie pitcher Mok Ji-hoon (19), who recently reunited with former manager Kim Seong-geun (81), who appeared in a commercial together in the past, shared his thoughts.

On the 11th, Mok Ji-hoon said on the SNS of the NC Futures Team (C Team), “I always wanted to see you.

Mok Ji-hun, who graduated from Hyoje Elementary School, Cheongnyang Middle School, and Shinil High School, was nominated in the 4th round by NC in last year’s rookie draft. At the time of his nomination, he drew attention due to his relationshi온라인카지노p with director Kim Seong-geun.

In 2011, when he was in the first year of elementary school, Mok Ji-hoon appeared in a hot chocolate commercial for a parent company as a young baseball player. In response to Mok Ji-hoon’s comment, “I want to play baseball,” manager Kim, who was a savage at the time, replied, “Me too,” while drinking hot chocolate with a bitter expression.

Director Kim appeared on the recently aired tvN entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block’ and introduced an anecdote with Mok Ji-hoon. He said, “I was leaving after filming, but my friend (Mok Ji-hoon) moved. I said ‘run’ and it was fast.” )” he said.

In the program, there was a scene where Mok Ji-hoon, who became a professional player, and coach Kim reunited. Director Kim, who gave Mok Ji-hoon a bouquet of flowers, congratulated him, saying, “It’s been a while. You’ve grown a lot.”

Mok Ji-hoon said, “When I greeted him again, he looked the same as he did when he was younger, but after he became a professional player, his presence seemed bigger.” He said, “I still have some memories of that time (when I filmed the commercial). And I saw my mother filming the commercial filming at home once. My mother also saw director Kim Seong-geun again, but it seemed to be a different feeling.” .

Mok Ji-hoon, who received a notebook as a gift from director Kim, said, “Among the contents written on the notebook, there was a word that ‘practice makes the impossible possible’, and I felt this word very strongly.” At the same time, he said, “I was convinced that the direction I was thinking was similar to what the director said, so I was doing well.”

In the photo posted by the NC Futures team, Mok Ji-hoon’s draft uniform was accompanied by an autograph left by manager Kim. On this uniform, coach Kim’s motto, ‘Ilguyimu’, was written.

It is said that coach Kim left advice to Mok Ji-hoon, saying, ‘Don’t be too impatient to get into the first team.’ Mok Ji-hoon said, “I’m not in a hurry and I’m trying to prepare harder in the current C team.”

Meanwhile, coach Kim recently took over as manager of the strongest monsters in JTBC’s baseball entertainment ‘Strongest Baseball’ after finishing his position as a special advisor at NPB Softbank. He led retired players such as Lee Dae-ho (41) and Park Yong-taek (44) to fight.

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