‘The Return of the Golf Emperor’ PGA Tour Genesis Invitational opens on the 17th

The US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Genesis Invitational, which will be held at the Riviera Country Club (par 71) near Los Angeles, California, for four days from the 17th (Korean time), will be the hottest golf tournament this year with Tiger Woods, the emperor of golf, participating. Prospect. ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA), who disappeared from the PGA Tour regular tournament for nearly 7 months, was added to the list of players.

After missing the cut in the Open in July of last year, Woods did not participate in the PGA Tour regular tournament, saying that he needed more rehabilitation and training. He made an appearance at the PNC Championship, an event 메이저사이트competition last December, but it was a two-day event and he competed while riding a cart. His performance didn’t stand out too much. This time, as it is a regular tour event where all four rounds must be played, it is an opportunity to observe how much Woods’ physical strength and performance have recovered.

Experts excluded Woods from the championship list, and gamblers also predicted that Woods’ chances of winning were very low. Although Woods’ stamina and performance are recovering, it is analyzed that it is too early to reach the level where he can compete with young players for the championship. Nevertheless, the fact that Woods participated regardless of his performance and rankings heated up the competition.

Fellow players unanimously welcomed Woods’ return to the field, and the Genesis Invitational Organizing Committee expects that the cloud gallery will flock to it.

The Riviera Country Club is where Woods first got a chance to compete in a PGA Tour event when he was in high school. In 1992, when Woods was 16 years old, he participated in the PGA Tour LA Open held at the Riviera Country Club as an invited player, and the following year, he appeared as an invited amateur player. Woods, who was born and raised an hour away from Riviera Country Club, is all too familiar with Southern California golf courses, but has never won 14 PGA Tour events at Riviera Country Club.

This is the only course where Woods has not won more than 10 times. Woods has a bad relationship with the Riviera Country Club, but since 2018 he has taken over as host of the event and has grown it into a one-of-a-kind event. From 2020 until last year, he fulfilled his role as the host by following the course all week even though he could not compete due to injury. This year, he plays both the host and player.

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