Filipino players, who first entered professional basketball (KBL) this season through the Asian Quarter, are acting as a big variable in the league. The Filipino players, who were shy of KBL until the beginning of the season, have now become a key resource for each team.

Currently, five clubs excluding Seoul SK, Suwon KT, Jeonju KCC, Goyang Carrot, and Seoul Samsung have Filipino Asian Quarter players. Except for Justin Gutang (199 cm, Changwon LG), all are guard positions under 190 cm in height. Although their physical condition is not excellent, they are evaluated as invigorating the game with splendid individual skills and agile movements that are not easily seen in domestic players.

What is particularly noticeable is the performance of the Filipino players belonging to the league’s first and second-place teams. Lens Abando (188 cm, Anyang KGC) has established himself as a scoring resource that surpasses existing foreign players after going through a period of adaptation to the league, and Ron Jay Avarientos (181 cm, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis) has a unique and bold play style. It became the mascot of Mobis.

Abando, whose performance was insignificant at the beginning of the season, soon adapts perfectly to the league and shows outstanding performance on both sides of the offense and defense. Abando’s greatest weapon is his jumping ability that surpasses the height of the center. Abando is running at the top of the league block, beating foreign players who are nearly 2m tall, such as Jamil Warney (199 cm, Seoul SK) and Murphy Holloway (196 cm, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation). Abando recorded 6 blocks in the match against Busan KT on the 17th.

Abando’s jumping power and vision also shine on the offensive side. In the match against Seoul SK on the 18th, Abando made 5 3-point shots and scored 30 points. On this day, KGC lost 81-82, but Abando promptly won 3 free throws 4 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter when they were trailing by 3 points, making the fans sweat until the end.

Avarientos has consistently scored double digits since the beginning of this season, contributing to Hyundai Mobis’ leap to the top. Avarientos, who is loved by Hyundai Mobis fans with a friendly nickname of ‘Chunsam-yi’, is the only Filipino player to be named in the top 24 fans’ votes in the 2022-2023 season All-Star Game, which will be held next month.메이저사이트

Avarientos has always been a challenge for teams facing Hyundai Mobis. Avarientos used to lead the game with creative ball delivery and breakaway shots at unexpected timing. However, while he is confident as a ball handler, he has been criticized for his rough handling of passing games with his teammates. It is for this reason that his performance fluctuates greatly depending on his player composition and personal condition.

As Filipino players settled in KBL, communication between the two countries through basketball became active. Filipino immigrants living in Korea visit the basketball court to watch the game, and Philippine sports media report the performance of Filipino players playing in the KBL every day. The midterm report of the first season of the Philippines Asia Quarter is positive.