The NC 30-year-old second baseman is a sweet guy… Gums NC? Strong refusal, for the reliable

“Gum baseball? Gums NC? I don’t understand.”

NC’s signature second baseman Park Min-woo is a sweet guy. At the time of the Tucson spring camp coverage, Park Min-woo had a lot of fellow hitters. According to an NC official, Park Min-woo generously shares the know-how and secrets of his 4th place batting average with them.

Park Min-woo signed a large contract of 14 billion won for 5+3 years with NC in the 2022-2023 FA market. He does not simply care about his own baseball, but leads the growth of ‘Team NC’. Tucson camp MVP and outfielder Cheon Jae-hwan, who recently has a good sense of hitting, also said, “Min-woo hyung takes care of me really well on and off the field.”

Park Min-woo made a promise with the players before starting this season. He said that even if he made a mistake while defending, he would never comfort him in the dugout. However, he is by no means trying to ‘blame others’. It just means letting them have some alone time.

Park Min-woo said, ahead of the Changwon Lotte match on the 22nd, “We did it ourselves. Let’s not talk about such (mistake) in the spot (ground & dugout). I just said don’t say anything. that’s better Understanding as if nothing happened is consideration.”

He wants to make an error, so no player does it. The person concerned is the most painful and I feel very sorry for the team and colleagues. If you approach such a player as if to comfort him, you may feel more sorry for the colleague who comforted him more, and you may feel burdened.

It’s better to just leave it alone and let it sort out its thoughts. In the same sense, the coaching staff does not directly reprimand the player for an error. If you can’t play baseball too much, being quietly eliminated from the first team is the scariest thing to do.

This is not all of Park Min-woo’s consideration. NC suffered the first four consecutive losses of the season with a loss against Changwon Lotte on the 22nd. However, there were not only bad scenes during the 4-game losing streak. There were also games where, after a close match, they lost the game with one or two misses in Gongsuju.

It sounds like an excuse, but NC is not normal power. Taylor Widener hasn’t even officially debuted, and Jason Martin is also taking a break without a promise. Park Seok-min, Park Se-hyeok, and Seoho Railway are also missing. Nevertheless, it has risen to the top 2 at the beginning of the season and has come down to the mid-table. Director Kang In-kwon also said, “Leaving the injured, it was a performance that exceeded expectations.”

In the end, the driving force is thanks to the efforts of the players who are currently leading the pitching. On the other line, Cheon Jae-hwan, Kim Seong-wook, and Kim Joo-won are performing well. On the mound, bullpen Lim Jeong-ho, Ha Jun-young, and Ryu Jin-wook are struggling. As for the starting lineup, Lee Yong-jun showed a surprise performance, and Song Myung-ki is showing signs of a complete transformation. The current NC is where the active activities of those who are not high in name value are gathered. 먹튀검증

Park Min-woo said, “The article says ‘gum baseball, gum NC’, but I don’t understand. A lot of teeth fell out, but the players who are playing now also prepared a lot at the camp. Our team has been performing well in the early stages of the season as we have shown more than expected. I hope you cheer for the players who are doing well now. I’m afraid I’ll shrink. There is no law saying they shouldn’t be on our team.”

He said, “Even if the existing players return, there is no law telling the current players to leave, the pro is a competitive system. I want to be all teeth. They are players who have worked hard since the camp, and I feel sorry for them because I have seen them.” Maybe because Park Min-woo’s sincerity was conveyed to the NC players, the NC players also came to Park Min-woo. It is highly likely that this team will not collapse easily.

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