The MVP trade rumours that just popped up… “Philadelphia has no intention of trading Embiid”

Philadelphia’s faith in Embiid remains strong.

Keith Pompey, a dedicated Philadelphia 76ers reporter for ‘The Philadelphia Inquirer’, reported on Joel Embiid on the 27th (below).

Since the end of the Allen Iverson era, Joel Embiid has been the player who has gained the most traction in Philadelphia. After an extreme rebuild that saw the team embrace the mantra of “Trust the Process,” Philadelphia rebuilt with a lot of controversy, and Embiid was at the centre of it all.

As expected, Embiid has developed into one of the best players in the league. After finishing second in regular season MVP voting for the second straight year, this season he finally won his first MVP award. It’s been 22 years since Philadelphia has had an MVP since Iverson (2001).토토사이트

However, the Embiid era hasn’t been all roses for Philadelphia. Starting with the 2017-2018 season, when Embiid really hit his stride, Philadelphia made the playoffs for six straight years, but they were all supporting roles.

In six playoff appearances, Embiid has never made it to the conference finals. This season, the reigning MVP found himself at the mercy of playoff nemesis Boston. Of his five second-round exits, three came in Game 7.

The problem is, Embiid isn’t immune to the blame for Philadelphia’s playoff atrocities. Embiid is one of those players whose impact diminishes in the playoffs compared to the regular season. His ongoing injury issues often prevent him from performing at his best. In the last three consecutive seasons, he’s been injured during the playoffs.

This season is no different. In the playoffs, Embiid averaged just 23.7 points, 9.8 rebounds, 43.1 per cent shooting from the field and 17.9 per cent from three-point range. The scoring machine that dominated the regular season was missing, and he lost the ego battle to Jayson Tatum, who came through as an ace when it mattered. It was a series that couldn’t be blamed on anyone.

As such, it has been suggested that a change is needed in Philadelphia as they continue to taste failure. With James Harden set to opt out in the summer, Philadelphia could be in for a major rebuild if they let Embiid go.

At the same time, the New York Daily News reported that the New York Knicks were looking to acquire Embiid. For Embiid personally, being traded so soon after winning the MVP award would be a bit of a disgrace.

However, Philadelphia is determined to keep the franchise legend with them and is not looking to trade him anytime soon. Even if they did, they wouldn’t get much in return. Keeping him means sticking with the Wynnau route.

Pompey said, “Philadelphia has no plans to trade Joel Embiid. He’s untouchable on this team,” Pompey wrote.

“There are those who say we should trade him, but it’s not that simple. He is the face of Philadelphia and has led us to 154 wins in three seasons. Sure, you would get some great players and multiple first-round picks for him, but Philadelphia is not close to trading a future Hall of Famer.”

After firing Doc Rivers, Philadelphia is now focused on hiring a head coach for the upcoming season. Who will be the leader to pair with Embiid?

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