The MVP of the second half league is ‘the king of many wins’ Kudron… “I’m happy to win a lot for the team”

“I’m even more happy to be able to accumulate many wins for the team.”

Frederick Kudron of Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang Phoenix won the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2022-2023 Second Half League MVP.

Kudron won 28 wins and 10 losses (12 wins and 1 loss in singles and 16 wins and 9 losses in doubles) in the second half of the league. Kudron, who won a total of 28 wins, was ranked 1st in the late season for most wins, 1st in average (2.363), and 2nd in win rate (73.7%). Kudron, who was selected as the MVP of the second half league, will receive a prize of 3 million won. 온라인카지노

Kudron said, “I’m very happy. I prepared a lot for this second half league. The performance wasn’t bad.”

As for the advantages of Welcome Savings Bank, Kudron said, “I think it is very strong in singles sets. The skills of each player have also improved a lot and continue to improve.” We do our best and do our best until the end. Our team is a team that is always fun when we are together.”

Kudron is currently on a team league and individual tour. You may have physical problems. However, Kudron said, “Overall, it’s okay. There is a little pain in the neck area, but it is a line that does not affect the performance. There is no major problem.”

Welcome Savings Bank, which took first place, went directly to the championship match. Welcome Savings Bank meets the team that won the match between the semi-playoff winners of TS Shampoo, Puradak and Hana Card and Blue One Resort. The championship match will be held on the 20th in a best-of-seven match.

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