The defending champion gets a 4-stroke penalty on the first hole… “Motivated”

‘Defending champion’ Anna Davis (USA) received a 4-stroke penalty on the first hole alone on the first day of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur (ANWA), a women’s amateur golf tournament.

Golf Week, an American golf media outlet, reported on the 30th (Korean time), “Davis committed two misplays on her first hole and received a four-stroke penalty.” At the same time, she said, “Davis’ score, which recorded her bogey on her first hole, became a queen tuple bogey (5 strokes more than her par) as a penalty stroke.”

On this day, Davis received a penalty stroke for misunderstanding the local rule ‘Preferred Lie’ (if the ground is in an abnormal condition, she lifts the ball, wipes it, then lets it go and hits it). The tournament headquarters applied the preferred lie rule due to heavy rain on the course earlier this week. This rule applies only when the ball is in the fairway.카지노사이트

However, Davis made a shot after cleaning the ball twice in the rough on hole 1 (par 4). She received a 4 penalty stroke due to the 2 stroke penalty applied twice for misplay. Davis, who was unaware of this fact, corrected her 1st hole score on her 4th hole at the notice of her match commissioner. From the 7th hole, she took only 4 birdies without bogey, and finished the first round with a 4-over-par 76, tied for 43rd.

“After she was notified of the penalty, she felt pretty good playing on the 14th hole,” Davis said after the match, and she “tried to forget what happened on her first hole.” did She continued, “All I can do is motivate myself to do a good round tomorrow because of this. I am confident that I will do better tomorrow,” she said.

In this tournament, where 72 world-class female amateurs compete, the first and second rounds are played at Champions Retreat (par 72) in Evans, Georgia, USA, and the final third round is held at Augusta National Golf Club (par 72), where the Masters will be held on April 1st. select the winner from The top 30 by round 2 advance to the final round 3.

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