The combination of Seung-beom, Bo-kyung and Basani is completed… Suwon acquired its weakness, ‘Creativity + Forwardness’

Suwon Samsung is making up for its weaknesses. Through steady reinforcement, both creativity and progressiveness were obtained.

Suwon, after repeating sluggishness last season, managed to remain in the first division. The poor scoring ability was also a concern, but Suwon’s biggest weakness was in the development of the attack. Even though Ahn Byeong-jun, who was brought in through trade, and Oh Hyeon-kyu, who grew rapidly, were holding on to the forefront, there were not enough midfield resources to pass or drive the ball directly and dribble. 온라인카지노

First of all, Ko Seung-beom, who eagerly waited, joined after being discharged. Ko Seung-beom also takes on the position of vice-captain. Ko Seung-beom was a key midfielder for Suwon until his enlistment. His activity level as well as his progress are second to none. Koh Seung-beom was also active in Gimcheon Sangmu and went back and forth to the soccer team. His defensive power is also compliant, making him a virtually irreplaceable resource.

Here, Suwon brought veteran midfielder Kim Bo-kyung. Kim Bo-kyung is in his mid-30s, but he is still a midfielder who can make flashes and creative passes. His activity is less than in the past, but it is expected to be of great help in creating forward passes and opportunities that Suwon needs.

Not only that, but Suwon also signed another left-footed midfielder, Bassani, on loan. Suwon also expected, “It has reckless competition and dribbling, and its strength is the movement to create opportunities by rushing to the opponent’s gate from the second line.” Looking at Bassani’s video, his accurate and cool passing line stands out. Defensive midfielders include Lee Jong-seong, who returned from last summer and led the team to stay, and Choi Seong-geun, who is recovering from an injury. If the defense is done smoothly in the 3rd line, it is enough to create synergy.

Suwon brought in Jeon Jin-woo and side strikers Akosti and Kim Kyung-joong. He is good at infiltrating space using his speed. There is a high possibility that the rapid development of the attack and the transition of air and defense will give wings to Suwon’s attack. Once the weaknesses have been filled, expectations for the new season are aroused. What kind of optimal midfield combination to bring out is now the point where coach Lee Byung-geun needs to think about.

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