The changed LG Innotek presents a new structural model

As the harmony was well harmonized, it continued to grow. Their gaze, which showed a changed appearance, was directed toward the high ground.메이저놀이터

LG Innotek achieved a triple-double for the first time in its personal career and the 10th triple-double in the history of The K Professional Basketball League in the preliminary round of Division 2 Group A of the 2023 The K Professional Basketball League ( 2nd round held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 27th. Ahn Sang-won (13 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 steals) played in all directions, along with Jung Seon-jae (17 points, 3+1 shots, 3 shots) and Jang Yoon (10 points, 4 rebounds) who kept the inside and outside safe, and the Doosan Group defeated the Doosan Group by 58-37. I caught it and ran for 2 consecutive wins.

No matter where you looked on the court, there was no place where Ahn Sang-won’s footprints were not left. He ran across the court, scoring points, kicking rebounds, and making good passes to teammates. Veteran shooter Jeong Seon-jae was in charge of outside the 3-point line with Kim Min-gyu (4 points, 5 rebounds), and Jang Yoon contributed to the team’s victory by defending under the net with Ma Seung-jae (4 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists) and Han Jung-hoon (7 rebounds). . Kang Tae-ok, Jung Woo-young (9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals), and Hwang Shin-young supported their teammates by showing their unrepentant appearance.

In the Doosan Group, Yeo Dong-jun (9 points and 14 rebounds) dug under the goal with Han Jong-ho (5 points and 7 rebounds), Son Ho-jun (4 points) and newly joined Lee Sang-hyun (2 points and 6 rebounds), and Kim Dong-hyun (9 points and 7 rebounds). ), Choi Hyeong-woo (3 points), and Ok Jun-hee did their part on the outskirts and relieved the burden on the shoulders of the team members. Lee Jin-woo (2 points, 4 rebounds), Kim Ji-hoon, and Jung Jin-hoo (5 rebounds) showed their will to win without filtering by concentrating on the dirty work.

They were two teams with The K Employees Basketball League, which has a history of 10 years. Ironically, however, there was no record of confrontation. This is the first confrontation of the day. Feelings must have been new. LG Innotek recognized this day’s match as a de facto final, and formed the best available lineup.

The effect was evident from the beginning. Ahn Sang-won ran all over the court from the beginning, and 3+1 shooters Kim Min-gyu and Jung Seon-jae alternated their shots. Jung Woo-young supported his teammates by even supporting Choi Yong-ha, who was about to give birth to his wife, and Jang Yoon and Han Jeong-hoon also helped the team members by working hard on the dirty work. 

The Doosan Group added meaning to the match as it was the first game matched with new uniforms. Dong-Jun Yeo and Jong-Ho Han recklessly dug into the bottom of the net, and Jun-Hee Ok fired a 3-point shot to set the fire on fire. In the second quarter, instead of letting Yeo Dong-jun rest, Kim Dong-hyun as the main axis, Lee Jin-woo, Son Ho-jun, and Lee Sang-hyun operated the lineup to withstand the opponent’s momentum.

The problem is that the team as a whole fell into shot hunting. I threw a shot anywhere, but it was often out of the rim. There were also many mistakes, such as missing the ball. Kim Dong-hyun took the lead, but his power alone was not enough.

LG Innotek did not miss the moment when the opponent was shaking. Jeong Seon-jae, Kim Min-gyu, and Ma Seung-jae all participated in the scoring, showing an even distribution. From the opponent’s defense point of view, it was not unusual for me to pay attention both inside and outside. Here, Jung Woo-young succeeded in scoring a fast ball to widen the gap.

In the second half, LG Innotek raised its momentum to the fullest. Jang Yoon, who was supporting his colleagues, took the lead. He hit his shot from mid-range and dashed under the net. While Jung Woo-young actively participated in the fast break, Ahn Sang-won passed the pass in line with the movements of his teammates.

Doosan Group launched a counterattack again with Yeo Dong-jun. Yeo Dong-Jun dug under the goal and scored, and repeated the foul. Hyung-Woo Choi made a successful 3-point shot, and Ho-Jun Son helped Dong-Jun Yeo. The problem was that the shot hunting was not resolved. Of the 10 free throws made in the third quarter, only two were successful.

Entering the 4th quarter, LG Innotek pushed without hesitation. Jeong Seon-jae made a successful shot from the mid-range and the 3-point line, and Ahn Sang-won used his teammates and even participated in scoring directly. The two shook the opponent’s defense by scoring 16 points in the fourth quarter alone.

The Doosan Group tried to raise the mood by actively attacking Kim Dong-hyun. The problem was that Kim Dong-hyun was the only one. Yeo Dong-Jun, Son Ho-Jun, and Lee Sang-Hyun persistently dug under the goal, but the gap was hardly narrowed due to the low shooting success rate. LG Innotek, who seized the victory, put a wedge in the match with Jeong Seon-jae and Ahn Sang-won, as well as Jang Yoon.

Meanwhile, LG Innotek Jeong Seon-jae was selected as the MATCH MVP for this match, as he scored 17 points, the most in the team, including three 3+1-point shots. He said, “I was worried a lot, but fortunately, thanks to a lot of team members, I played comfortably.” The opponent was a reckless team, so we prepared a lot and it turned out well. In fact, I think we showed the best we can today,” he said of his victory.

On this day, LG Innotek succeeded in widening the score gap in the 2nd quarter, bringing the pendulum to the game. what was the driving force In response, “Doosan Group player Yeo Dong-jun enjoys reckless digging, so the idea to block it from outside the 3-point line had a great effect. And the fact that the opponent made so many errors also played a part. On the other hand, we also made a lot of mistakes, so I think we have to gradually fix them.”

Did you know that rivers and mountains change when it rains? It was LG Innotek that changed a lot during the 3-year hiatus caused by the corona. The team color has also changed according to the composition of players, such as Jung Seon-jae, Ahn Sang-won, Ma Seung-jae, and Jung Woo-young joining in large numbers. There will be ups and downs. He said, “It is a process in which the number of existing players who have been active so far since Corona has been adjusted by adding new players to 3-4 players. As we play through the matches, we are identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each player, and we are getting better and better.”

He continued, “Rather than being an assault team, we try to fight confidently from the bottom line, and there are no players with relatively good physical skills, but since our skills are good, we are trying to catch the ball derived from this and throw it with confidence.” It’s not a caution. Due to the physical strength problem, which is a chronic weakness of our team, in the beginning, we take turns defending and try to pay attention to the game management to the extent that there is no difference. In the second half, I try to keep pace with the opponent, such as speeding up the tempo. Today, as in the first game, I tried to see the match in the second half.”

It was literally. The clean management of the game stood out more than ever. He said, “At first, I went into the game without knowing my teammates, but I didn’t know that my physical strength would be this bad. I try to pay attention to the physical part by building a rotation over and over again in the game, and depending on the time, I form the best lineup. In today’s game, it worked out better than I thought in the first half.” Originally, the percentage of scoring was high under the goal, but if we show good performance even from the outside, I wonder if the opponent will be picky about us,” he boasted of his balanced power.

With the victory of the day, LG Innotek was on a two-game winning streak. He said, “I made a lot of mistakes when I played 2-2 from under the goal, but it is a priority to refine this part more. And since new teams are coming out, it is not easy to figure out their strength. I am concerned about not knowing about the opponent team, but if I show the way I showed in today’s game, I will be able to challenge for the championship.” There were many good players in Answer Lab Korea, which we faced earlier. Through team training, we will focus on the aforementioned areas and supplement them. And (Ahn) Sang-won’s home is Cheonan, and he has been with us from far away. thanks. It seems that attendance rate will be the key in the future. It is not easy for friends who are far away from home to come out, so I think we will have to figure out how to overcome this part.”

“In the case of Jang Yoon, he will be able to do better. If he used to be a scorer, now he plays a really good role as a supporter. In today’s game, we were able to win thanks to the team scoring when needed in the 3rd quarter. We will give you the courage to do better. If all the players, not just Jang Yoon, faithfully play their roles, our team will be able to become a strong team. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Managing Director Kim Min-gyu, who pays a lot of attention to both physical and psychological aspects of each game.”

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