Overcame, overcame, and overcame. There were not a few players who started better than Lee Jeong-hoo, but it was Lee Jeong-hoo who kept the top until the end. Having spent a year where the phrase ‘a hitter with no weaknesses’ doesn’t feel like a mere rhetoric, he won 5 personal titles and MVP, making this year Lee Jung-hoo’s year.

24-year-old Lee Jung-hoo, who joined the KBO League for 6 years, showed what a perfect hitter is. He topped the batting average (0.349), on-base percentage (0.421), and slugging percentage (0.575), with hits (193) and runs batted in (113). With his 5 personal titles as a stepping stone, he built a tower with trophies, including the first MVP in his debut, Golden Glove, various media outlets, and professional baseball OB awards.

Lee Jung-hoo’s blow reached the realm of nonsense. He added his slugging power, which was previously considered a weakness, but did not lose any of his strengths.

His incredible contact skills have already proven in his rookie year. Here, with a home run career high season, he showed off his long hitting power and exceeded his limits. Lee Jung-hoo, who had only one double-digit home run season in the past five years in 2020 (15), but this year, he also had a long hitting power and ranked 5th in this category with 23 homers.

His 193 hits, the highest in the league, clearly means that he actively hit the bat, but his strikeouts are few. Even though the KBO league made the strike zone wider than in previous years with the expression ‘normalization’ from this year, Lee Jung-hoo did not waver. It is even the record for the fewest strikeouts in a season since his debut. A phenomenon in which home runs increased and strikeouts decreased occurred to Lee Jung-hoo.

There were competitors, but Lee Jung-hoo did not give up a single title. Jose Pirella had a season that would have earned him enough votes in the MVP vote if his competitor hadn’t been Lee Jung-hoo and the team’s performance had been slightly better. It placed second in six categories.

Lee Jeong-hoo said to Pirella, who competed fiercely in all five categories in which he won the title, “I was able to achieve 5 crowns thanks to a good competitor named Pirella this season. I want to tell you that you have worked hard” and sent ‘Respect’. The aspect of a superstar that encompasses the entire league is also revealed here.

Like a superstar, he has a strong sense of responsibility for Korean baseball. Lee Jung-hoo, who is likely to participate in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) next year, said that he was impressed by the Qatar World Cup and said, “The baseball team is less interested than soccer. I think the only answer is for the players to show it through play on the field.” 토토사이트

Lee Jung-hoo has no intention of stopping here. It’s not just about moving the stage of activities to the United States. At the awards ceremony on the 8th, Lee Jung-hoo declared, “I will do better next year than this year. Please watch over me.” Lee Jung-hoo, who has been developing for the past six years, does not feel that this goal is a lie. From his WBC debut to his major league challenge, Lee Jung-hoo’s next year is all the more curious.