The 21-year-old CB signed a seven-and-a-half year contract with Chelsea, his textbook is Thiago Silva

Benoit Badiacil is a young centre-back who joined Chelsea this winter. Having worked for AS Monaco, he dreams of growing up with a good role model at Chelsea.

On the 5th (Korean time), Chelsea signed a contract with French centre-back Badiasil. Badiasil will wear the number 4 shirt and signed a long-term contract of 7 years and 6 months to join Chelsea.

Less than a month has passed since his joining, but Badi Asil seems to have already found a good teacher and senior. He is veteran defender Thiago Silva. “It’s an honor to play with him,” said Badi Asil, adding that he’s already learning a lot. 온라인카지노

Badiasil made his debut against Crystal Palace on the 15th. In a later interview with Talk Sports, Badiasil said he was getting a lot of help from Silva on and off the pitch. “Above all, it’s such an honor to play with him, and he makes things easy for young players like me,” he was delighted.

“Isn’t he a legend?” Badiasil asked, “He is a true leader. He has a lot of experience. Any advice he gives me is always welcome. He talks to me during matches, before matches and during training. He is a person,” he repeated, saying that just playing with Silva was such an honor.

In addition, Badiasil explained that the reason for his decision to transfer to Chelsea was because of the blueprint of the club drawing the future with young players.

“The main reason I’m here is because the team has a very exciting project. I’m really excited for the future. The plans are really positive. It’s shown that I have great faith in young players. It’s a good place to develop at a young age. Club,” he said, revealing the reason for the transfer.

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