Thailand national team 3… Should I increase the speed of the V-League?

Can three members from the Thai national team speed up the V-League?

In the ‘2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Women’s Asian Quarter Draft, which was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Stanford Hotel in Sangam, Seoul on the 21st, three Thai players were selected by V-League clubs.

Recently, women’s volleyball in Thailand is winning and winning in international competitions based on its fast speed. In the preliminary round of the 2022 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) held last year, he showed stable receiving and fast volleyball, finishing 8th with 5 wins and 7 losses and 15 points, and succeeded in advancing to the final round for the first time in history. At the 2022 FIVB World Championship that followed, he advanced to the second round by defeating strong Turkiye.

Thailand, which was ranked 19th in the world before the start of the 2022 FIVB VNL, has now risen to 15th. This is the third highest ranking in Asia after China (5th) and Japan (6th). It is the opposite of Korea, which has fallen from 14th before the start of the 2022 FIVB VNL to 23rd.

There are a total of three Thai players playing in the V-League this time. 토토사이트

Setter Ponpun Gedpard, who was called out first among all players and wore the uniform of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, is a key player enough to serve as the captain of the Thai national team. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s attack speed is expected to be even faster with the addition of Fontun, whose strength is running the game with a faster and more accurate toss than the opponent’s blocker.

Outside heater Wipawi Sitong wore a Hyundai E&C uniform in second place. Although Sitong did not participate in the 2022 FIVB World Championship, his skills were recognized enough to be selected for the Thai national team in 2017 when he was 18 years old.

Apposite Spiker Tanacha was chosen by the Korea Expressway Corporation as the 4th place soaring. Suk Sot is also a young apositive spiker born in 2000. Although he cannot play many matches because the Thai national team currently has an ace named Kokram Pimpichaya, he is consistently selected for the Thai national team and is receiving a lot of attention. He was also shown to be active as an outside hitter when he was active in the Japanese V-League.

Their strength is speed. On the other hand, in terms of height, Phonpun is 173cm, Sitong is 174cm, and Soksot is 180cm, so it can show limitations.

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