From the 2023 season, if a pitcher uses foreign substances, he will be sanctioned with an immediate exit and a 10-game suspension.

According to the ‘2022 2nd KBO Rules Committee Meeting Results’ announced by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 20th, if a player’s use of a foreign substance is detected, the player is immediately He will be sent off and suspended for 10 games.

In this Rules Committee, sanctions for the use of foreign substances by pitchers, enforcement rules related to rosin, and base-running gloves were discussed.

The foreign substance test is conducted before or during the game when the referees have doubts or when the opposing team raises an objection. The inspection is conducted by the referee and the umpire together. In addition to pitchers, fielders and catchers may also be inspected for foreign substances at the discretion of the referee.

Rules regarding rosin were also added. Only approved products can be used due to concerns that some highly viscous rosin may affect pitching if self-made and used. 토토

Rosin that can be used in the KBO League can only be used by KBO, MLB in the US, or NPB in Japan.

The Rules Committee also introduced sizes and regulations for baserunning gloves worn by runners on base during games to prevent injury.

Only gloves within 30 cm in length and 13 cm in width may be used in the game. After wearing it, it must be fixed so that it does not fall out of the hand during play, and if the referee determines that it interferes with play, a penalty of 2 million won will be imposed.