Srixon Tour canceled preliminaries due to KPGA’s absurd mistake, only the players who consumed money, time and emotions were the victims

“It is a mistake that the competition committee member did not check carefully. I apologize to the players. We will check more thoroughly to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) apologized to the players pursuing their dreams on the 21st ahead of the opening of the Srixon Tour (2nd division tour). This is because the game was canceled after discovering a hole that violated the hole cup rules in some regional preliminaries held ahead of the first Srixon Tour tournament, which opens at Solago Country Club on the 28th.

The beginning is like this. On the 20th, during the qualifying round for the Srixon Tour held at the TGV Country Club, a player made a problem with the size of the hole cup. According to KPGA regulations, ‘the hole cup must be buried at least 1 inch below the ground with a diameter of 108 mm and a depth of at least 101.6 mm’. However, it was confirmed that the diameter of the hole in question exceeded 108 mm.

A KPGA official said, “After the player raised the issue, the competition committee member measured the cup and found that it was within 10 mm larger than the regulation. “Even if the participating players played under the same conditions, it was judged that it was right to cancel the tournament because it did not meet the rules and the game could not be established,” he explained. The association’s judgment is that the fact that the tournament itself was held in a hole that was outside the rules violated fairness. The canceled match will resume on the 27th at the same place.

One participant who took part in the preliminaries that day claimed, “The association officials or the competition committee did not officially inform us.” He said, “The first Srixon Tour tournament is held in Taean on the 28th, and if the preliminaries are held in Cheongju the day before, those who pass must immediately move to the finals. Compared to players who have passed the preliminary round on the 20th and have been conditioning for a week, there is no choice but to be at a disadvantage.” In terms of universal equity, the claim of the participant is correct. 먹튀검증

Athletes who have passed the preliminary round without any problems can condition themselves in a good mood for a week and prepare for the final round with sufficient training. However, players who are going through the qualifiers on the 27th have to round for three days even if they pass. Due to the nature of the event, where the condition of the day affects the performance, it can be seen as an unfavorable condition.

A KPGA official said, “Setting the qualifying date on the 27th was a choice that comprehensively considered various conditions. Srixon Tour qualifiers are held by region, but not only players from that region participate. The golf course rental issue is also something that cannot be ignored.” He said, “It is entirely the association’s fault that the race committee member should have checked more carefully when visiting the course,” and “I humbly accept the criticism that universal equity was not guaranteed. We will thoroughly establish countermeasures to prevent the same problem from occurring.”

The mistake was made by the association, but the damage was suffered by the player. A KPGA official said, “There is nothing we can do about the expenses paid by the players, such as the participation fee on the day (20th), the green fee and caddy fee for the amount of play. Instead, it is a policy not to charge participation fees and course fees for the preliminary round that will be held again on the 27th,” he said. It was the worst start for a player, wasting money, time, and emotions.

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