‘Splendid Homecoming’ Lee Kang-in‥”Thank you for your hard work, eat well!”

◀ Anchor ▶

Lee Kang-in, who had the best season of his career, returned home to a huge fanfare.

His popularity seems to be growing by the day.

◀ Reporter ▶

Lee Kang-in returned home wearing a pink hat and a mask.토토사이트

At the arrival hall, he took off his mask and greeted his fans with his hands.

His smallest gesture was met with cheers.

And a handwritten letter… and a bouquet of flowers…

“Kang-in, I love you.”
“Thank you for your hard work. Eat well, Kangin!”

This is almost idol-level popularity, right?

The fans are so passionate about seeing Lee Kang-in at least once more.

“Watch out behind you!”

After his performance at the World Cup in Qatar.

and his best year with his club this season…

the fans have become even more enthusiastic, right?

Lee Kang-in hasn’t had any time to rest, and he’s commuting to Paju NFC from tomorrow to train with other overseas players.

I look forward to seeing you in the two A matches this month.

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