Son Heung-min, an instant autograph session at the airport… Fan love is also ‘world class’

Son Heung-min, the captain of our soccer team, who led the Qatar World Cup advance to the round of 16, left for England today to return to his team. Although he was busy leaving the country, he greeted many fans at the airport by signing autographs one after another.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


Hundreds of fans gathered at Incheon International Airport early in the morning, holding photos of Heung-Min Son, uniforms, and writing cheering phrases all over the place.

[Jo Jae-min/Son Heung-min fans: I hope you recover quickly from your injuries and fight for the rest of the season.]

[Son Heung-min, a fool! Someone you want to see just by looking!]

Son Heung-min arrived at the airport amid enthusiastic cheers from the fans and started the last fan service before leaving. I did.

[Heung-Min Son/Captain of the soccer team: There are a lot of people, so I’ll give you as many autographs as possible.]

While receiving enthusiastic support,

[Why are you so cool? He looks so handsome… It’s a goblin! goblin! It’s Kang Dong-won~ He resembles Gong Yoo.♥]

We communicated affectionately.

[Son Heung-min/soccer team captain: (Heung-min’s face is injured, are you okay?) Oh, yes, it’s okay. (Can you wish me a happy birthday just once?) Happy birthday. (Oppa, I love you.♡) Yes. Haha]

Heung-Min Son, who signed autographs for as many fans as possible for 40 minutes and presented them with unforgettable memories, thanked them and hurriedly went to the departure hall.

[Tummei/Son Heung-min Thai fan: I came (from Thailand) to see Son Heung-min. (Seeing it in person) I was so happy that I felt like crying.]

[Park Sang-min/Son Heung-min: The best player, great player, and the best fan service.] [

Lim Seo-yeon/Son Heung-min fan: Go out right away and buy a picture frame I’ve sealed (signed) like this and it’s been 100 years, 200 years, and I plan to hand it down to me.] The youngest

member of the national team, Lee Kang-in, also left for Mallorca with memories of the World Cup round of 16, 메이저사이트

[Lee Kang-in/Soccer national team midfielder: (The World Cup) was a very good experience and I think it was a good memory. I will work hard to show a better image in the future when I go (to Spain).]

Coach Bento, who has led the national team for four years, returns to his home country, Portugal, tonight.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won · Jang Un-seok, video editing: Woo Ki-jeong, CG: Eom So-min · Kim Jeong-eun)

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