Cheonan City FC recruited veteran defender Kim Chang-soo (38).

Cheonan announced on the 6th that they had recruited veteran defender Kim Chang-soo as their playing coach.

Kim Chang-soo is a 20-year professional veteran. He started his professional career at Ulsan Hyundai in 2004 and has been active in many K-League clubs, including Daejeon, Busan, Jeonbuk, Gwangju, and Incheon. He played in 303 K-League career games (8 goals and 20 assists), even excluding the 3 seasons he spent in the Japanese J-League. He played a key role in winning the bronze medal in men’s football at the 2012 London Olympics, playing an active part in the national team as well as the Olympic team.

The recruitment of seasoned Kim Chang-soo is expected to be a great boost to Cheonan’s challenge in the pro league. Kim Chang-soo is determined to burn his last days as a player by working as a playing coach in Cheonan this season. He said, “Cheonan is a young and new team, so I can feel the passion from the players to achieve their goals. I think it is my role in Cheonan to support juniors so that they can reach their desired goals,” he said.

Cheonan expects Kim Chang-soo to pass on his know-how, self-management principles, and attitude toward game preparation to the players. The club said, “It is true that the playing time in recent years has decreased compared to the past. However, he has the know-how gained from countless competitions. Playing coach Kim Chang-soo is the right person who can help fellow players with little professional experience with action and advice.”

On the 6th, Kim Chang-soo left for winter training in Chonburi, Thailand. While taking care of his own fitness, he will also help train his fellow players.메이저사이트

Kim Chang-soo said, “I don’t think he will have much time to play in the next season. “I don’t know if there will be a ‘next opportunity’,” he said. It will be a season to burn the remaining passion to achieve the desired goal together with his juniors.”

He also gave a message to his fans. He said, “The interest of the fans is the strength of the Cheonan team. I hope you will come to the stadium to support us and love our team.”