On the 7th, the W-Festival, the first day of the WKBL All-Star Game, was held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon. While the players participating in the All-Star Game participated, the players of the Incheon regional elite basketball team and the 2022 WKBL Children’s Basketball Club’s U-13 winning team had a great time with the players. 

Kim Jin-young said, “I think I enjoyed the event with my young friends. There were elite players and club players, so it was nice to meet the future of Korean basketball. It was a very enjoyable event.”

Yoo Seung-hee also said, “I enjoyed it because it was an event that felt like a eve held for the first time in three years. Tension was high until the sports day, but I personally didn’t seem to be able to distribute the tension well. At the end, the sugar dropped,” jokingly and smiling. told

Yoo Seung-hee and Kim Jin-young will make their first appearance in the All-Star Game. Both players have been selected as All-Stars before, but this is the first time they have played as the All-Star Game has been canceled due to the corona crisis. 

Kim Jin-young said, “The fans voted hard, but it was regrettable that the All-Star Game was not held. While holding today’s event and preparing for tomorrow’s event, I felt that the All-Star Game was a really big festival. I want to enjoy the All-Star Game tomorrow soon. I think it will be so much fun.” said

Yoo Seung-hee said, “Last season, the date was set, but the corona got worse, so the All-Star Game was not possible. seems like. 메이저사이트

The players participating in this All-Star Game were selected 100% by fan vote. Yoo Seung-hee ranked 9th with 22,086 votes and Kim Jin-young ranked 10th with 17,421 votes, making it possible to step on the stage of the All-Star Game.

Yoo Seung-hee said, “I can’t show a lot of smiles during this game, but tomorrow I think I’ll be able to laugh a lot and show a little bit of my own tricks. . Personally, there is a part that I have thought about. I heard that it was not easy to get tickets for the all-star game held in a long time, but I want to show a lot of fun and enjoyable images to the fans who come to the event without wasting the ticket price.”

Kim Jin-young also thanked the fans, saying, “I don’t know that voting is not easy. Thank you very much. Tomorrow, I will burn my body more happily and work hard. I hope it will be a festival that everyone can enjoy together.”