Shin Yubin “Happy to have more matches”… Im Jong-hoon wins the 2nd match of the mixed doubles.

The South Korean team of Shin Yubin and Lim Jong-hoon breezed through the second round of the mixed doubles at the World Table Tennis Championships 2023. After falling behind early in the match, Lim Jong-hoon came through with a strong attack.

Shin Yubin and Lim Jong-hoon defeated Kazakhstan’s Zauresh Akhasheva and Aidos Kenzhigulov in the second round of the Mixed Doubles (Round of 32) at the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships 2023 at the Durban International Convention Center (DICC) in Durban, South Africa, on Wednesday (23 September). After a quick win in game one, Shin and Lim cruised through game two with ease.메이저사이트

Game 1 saw them struggle in the early going, but they rallied back with two breaks. Down 2-5, a driving rally brought them back to within one point before Lim Jong-hoon used a strong, quick backhand to force his opponent into a defensive error and tie the game at 5-5.

Down 7-9 in the final game, Lim’s offense shone through as he tied the game with a sharp, strong backhand that was poorly defended, and then closed out the game with two strong forehand drives.

After taking the first game, the rest of the match was easy. He dropped only two points in the second game, and in the final game, he took an early 3-0 lead before being broken 3-4, but he quickly set the tone. At 10-5 match point, he was caught off guard by his opponent’s surprise attack, and two of his attacks hit the net, but Lim’s serve was unreturnable and he won the match.

“I didn’t think he was an easy opponent, but I’m glad I was able to win easily,” said Lim. Shin Yubin said, “I feel like I’m getting the hang of it, and I’m glad I’m getting used to it.”

“I tried to hit carefully to reduce the number of errors, but my opponent handled it well,” said Lim Jong-hoon, explaining that he thought the game would go a little smoothly without errors, so he tried to win the first game and play aggressively in the second game, attacking with power.”

After missing her first World Championships two years ago due to injury, Shin has been playing a lot of matches this time around, competing in women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

“Not at all,” he laughed when asked if he was tired, “Last year, I was sick after one match, so I had a lot of trouble, but now I’m happy because I’m playing a lot of matches.” “My brother is very good, so I think if I play well, good results will follow,” he added.
Meanwhile, Shin Yubin also won the women’s doubles with Jeon Jeon-hee. The pair avenged their loss two years ago, when they withdrew without playing a single match.

Earlier in the day, the pair swept Mateja Jeger-Ivana Malovac (Croatia) 3-0 (11-6 11-6 11-8) in the round of 32 women’s doubles.

Jeon Ji-hee and Shin Yubin were playing their first match in the round of 32. They dominated their opponents from the start with their light touch. They scored four points in a row and never gave up the lead to take the first game. Game 2 was no different, as he took the first point and then scored five in a row to take the game.

Game 3 saw the team go down 1-4 early, but they came back strong and scored seven straight points to take the lead. She allowed them to claw their way back to tie the game at 8-8, but quickly closed out the match with three straight points.

“I thought the first game would be difficult because I had never played against her before, but I had a strong partner next to me, so I took it easy,” said Jeon. “I thought the first game was going to be tricky, but I’m glad I practiced,” said Shin Yubin.

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