Shin Jin-seo (22), 9-dan, who was selected as the MVP for three consecutive years, kept the No. 1 spot in the Go ranking.

Shin Jin-seo scored 10,374 points in the January 2023 ranking announced by the Korea Institute on the 5th, and with 9956 points, she easily beat Byeon Sang-il (25), 9th place, who was in second place, and maintained the first place for 37 consecutive months. Shin Jin-seo recorded 80 wins, 14 losses and a win rate of 85.1% last year, winning the most wins, winning rate, and winning streak (18 consecutive wins) award. 안전놀이터

In the January rankings, Park Jeong-hwan and Kang Dong-yoon, 9th Dan, followed Jin-seo Shin and Sang-il Byeon, keeping the 3rd and 4th places. Lee Dong-hoon, 9th Dan, has not played Go since April of last year for personal reasons, but he rose one notch to 5th and drew attention.

The Korea Institute said that Lee Dong-hoon’s ranking went up because Shin Min-joon’s 9th-dan ranking point dropped due to his sluggish performance last December. Park Kun-ho, 6th dan, ranked 7th, and Won Seong-jin, Ahn Seong-jun, and Kim Myung-hun, 9th dan, were ranked 8th to 10th.

Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, who has held the top spot in the women’s rankings for 110 consecutive months since December 2013, also recorded the highest personal ranking in the overall rankings. Choi Jeong-eun, who won the Women’s Kiseong Tournament last December, rose three places to 14th in the overall rankings. Choi’s previous personal best ranking was 16th in June 2020. Among female drivers, Kim Chae-young, 7th Dan, ranked 75th, and Kim Eun-ji, 5th Dan, ranked 82nd, following Choi Jeong-i.