Shall we make the ‘Ronaldo Law’… But can you protect the stars?

Manchester United, badly burned by Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr), makes Ronaldo’s law.

British media ‘Express’ said, “Man United will introduce the Ronaldo rule to correct the collapsed weekly wage system after paying excessive wages to Ronaldo.” To this end, Manchester United plans to impose a wage cap.

Manchester United paid 500,000 pounds (about 762 million won) a week while returning Ronaldo. It was the best treatment among Manchester United and English Premier League (EPL) players. Manchester United, which provided astronomical money to Ronaldo, hoped to demonstrate leadership, but rather suffered only negative effects of depriving several players of motivation as the weekly wage system collapsed. 메이저사이트

In particular, Manchester United sweated even more in the first half of this season as Ronaldo insisted on a transfer and did not properly integrate into the team. It was unacceptable to cloud the atmosphere with exceptionally high income like Ronaldo in the philosophy of manager Eric ten Haag, who emphasizes the original team. In the end, it plans to introduce a wage cap by presenting it directly to the club.

Manchester United are trying to set a maximum weekly wage of £200,000 (about 300 million won) for Ronaldo’s law. It is known that David de Gea, who receives a higher weekly wage right now, will be cut to £200,000 when renewing his contract. However, in addition to De Gea, Bruno Fernandez, Harry Maguire and Casemiro are receiving around 200,000 pounds, so it is questionable whether this will be a realistic answer.

Manchester United is a winning club. If the maximum weekly wage is fixed at 200,000 pounds, it is impossible to keep or recruit star players. The Ronaldo Law, which is being introduced by Man Utd right now, seems to mean to catch weekly thieves while preventing them from ruining the atmosphere of the team on a weekly basis.

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