Score after OR 23-8 Absolute advantage, BNK’s secret to 2nd place

After the offensive rebound, he was 15 points ahead in scoring. This is one of the secrets of BNK’s victory over Shinhan Bank.

Busan BNK defeated Incheon Shinhan Bank 79-62 in the home game held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 27th, and recorded 12 wins and 8 losses, finishing the 4th round in sole second place.

BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said ahead of the game that day, “It is the last game of the 4th round for us, and the 5th round is also important. Among them, the players know that the match with Shinhan Bank is important.” BNK will play against Bucheon Hanawon Q on the 29th and Shinhan Bank again on the 3rd of next month. All home games.

If BNK wins all three home matches, it will at least occupy an advantage in advancing to the playoffs. It is highly likely that it will at least rank higher than Shinhan Bank, as it has an advantage with Shinhan Bank with 4 wins and 1 loss. Considering that Yongin Samsung Life Insurance recently fell into a losing streak, it is highly likely to keep second place to the end.

This is why manager Park Jeong-eun said that the match with Shinhan Bank is important.

BNK, which trailed 14-17 in the first quarter, drove in 23 points in the second quarter and allowed only 10 points, turning it around to 40-27. In the second half, when Shinhan Bank narrowed it down to a double-digit score gap, they repeated running away with a double-digit score difference, winning by 17 points.

Shinhan Bank coach Gunadan said after the defeat that day, “We lost overwhelmingly on the rebound. Jinan (11), Han Eom-ji (12), and Kim Han-byeol (7) took 30 rebounds. We had the team grab 30 rebounds. That means (BNK) had a lot of attacks. (Winning) is not easy,” he said, citing pain as a rebound. 메이저사이트

Han Eomji also said, “Before entering (the game), I said to reduce mistakes, and Shinhan Bank was a team that participated well in rebounding, so I paid attention to boxing out and rebounding.”

BNK had an 11 advantage in rebounding, 41-30. Everyone knows that rebounding plays a big part in a game.

However, it can be seen that the record that does not appear on the record sheet and the score after the offensive rebound divided the game.

The team rebound of BNK and Shinhan Bank that day was 7-6. A team rebound is when the right to attack is given to the team after a missed shot and no one catches the rebound. For example, when a touchout occurs during a rebound competition or when a 3-point shot goes out of line without even hitting the rim. In this case, it is also divided into team offensive rebound and team defensive rebound, and the team offensive rebound was 5-4.

If you add the pure offensive rebound 18-13 and the team offensive rebound on the day, the total offensive rebound is 23-17.

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