“San Diego Palms, it’s not like it used to be… ” Kim Ha-seong and Ohtani rice bowl scenario, 5 promising players ‘hot reward’

“The palm is not as deep as it used to be.”

The San Diego Padres are a bit indecisive. It is 4th in the National League West Division and 6th, 5.5 games behind 3rd in the wild card race. Realistically, advancing to the postseason isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Over the years, he has nurtured promising players well and brought in top stars from outside. As much as the value of the name of the other line, it is not pushed by any team.

The major league trade deadline is about 10 days away. There was also a prospect that San Diego would become a seller. However, MLB.com picked San Diego as one of the nine teams that could potentially trade Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) on the 22nd (Korean time).온라인카지노

Currently, there are various stories about the Ohtani trade that the US media is putting out. Opinions are divided as to whether Ohtani will actually be traded, and if so, which team he will go to. In the meantime, MLB.com specifically presented even the opposite benefits for each club.

In the case of San Diego, they presented a scenario of giving up five prospects to bring Ohtani. Starting with Jackson Merrill (shortstop), who ranks 9th overall in the MLB pipeline and 1st in the team, left-hander Ryan Weathers is included in the three right-handed prospects Dylan Lesco, Adam Mazur, and Alec Jacob.

MLB.com said, “San Diego’s palm is not as deep as it used to be.” Because of the recent history of constantly bringing a sense of immediate power to trade, we have already lost a lot of top-notch prospects. He said, “When they can track Ohtani in the free agent market, signing Ohtani as a trade may not be a strategy that can be defended.”

But San Diego has traditionally done a lot of industry-stunning big deals. AJ Preller’s nickname is ‘Mad Man’. MLB.com said, “If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from the Padres, they’re big names, and you shouldn’t rule them out.”

Looking at the composition of the members, San Diego must challenge to win the World Series unconditionally. Will Ohtani hit the finish line? When Ohtani wears a San Diego uniform, he will form a super-luxurious lineup with Fernando Tatis Jr., Maechi Machado, Juan Soto, Xander Bogatz, and Kim Ha-seong. In addition, he will build a one-two punch with Yu Darvish, a Japanese major league senior.

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