‘Reverse victory 10 seconds before the end’ Shinhan Bank coach Guna Dan “It seems that the sky helped”

“It seems heaven helped.”

Incheon Shinhan Bank Sbird won 70-69 in a match against Cheongju KB Stars in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 9th. Shinhan Bank, which ran 4 consecutive wins, tied for second place with Samsung Life Insurance with 14 wins and 10 losses, and KB, which suffered 3 consecutive losses, maintained 5th place with 8 wins and 16 losses. 

Director Gunadan said, “We were able to win by believing in each other and fighting until the end. The shot really didn’t go in and it didn’t go our way, but we didn’t give up until the end. I think the sky helped,” with a bright smile. 

Although they won the victory at메이저사이트 the last moment, Shinhan Bank did not listen to Yatoo throughout the game and showed the appearance of being dragged by the opponent.

Coach Koo said, “I’ve been using the small lineup concept since last year. If I don’t score three points, I’m at a disadvantage in terms of height. However, I thought that the day would come when I won with rebounds even if I didn’t shoot like today. They did well,” he praised the players.

On this day, Sonia Kim led the team with 25 points and 20 rebounds. 10 seconds before the end, it was Sonia Kim’s turn to score like gold. 

Coach Koo said, “Come to our team and take on many roles. There will be very difficult parts. Leading the team as the team’s ace requires a lot of responsibility. I think we come to trust and rely on each other while working hard during training. If we had a game like today, we wouldn’t have trusted each other, but now we trust each other that everything is fine.

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