Real’s unconventional card for Bellingham, ‘Camabinga + 133.7 billion won in cash’

 Real Madrid giving up Camavinga to win Bellingham?

Real Madrid’s heart for ‘Europe’s best talent’ Jude Bellingham (Dortmund) is hot. We prepared another surprise card to tempt Dortmund. Putting cash on talented kidfielder Eduardo Camavinga.

Camavinga joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2021. Although he was 18 years old at the time, big European clubs reached out to his outstanding performance, and Real Madrid embraced him after competition. 온라인카지노

After the transfer, he showed enough presence at Real Madrid. He also played a big role as a member of the French national team at the World Cup in Qatar.

However, it has recently been linked to Arsenal rental rumors. Manager Carlo Ancelotti wrapped up that there would be no transfer of Camavinga, but the fact that this story comes out means that his position has become unstable. It was also said that Camavinga himself is looking for a team where he can play more. There are so many great players at Real that it is difficult for Camavinga to play an active role as a regular starter.

Meanwhile, the possibility of a transfer to Dortmund was raised. British media ‘The Sun’ reported that Real are preparing to include Camavinga in a deal to bring Bellingham, their top target.

Real Madrid recently spent a huge sum of £60m on the signing of 16-year-old Brazilian star Endrik. And to bring Bellingham, he has to spend an extra astronomical amount of £135m, which is too much for real. That’s why the money of 88 million pounds (approximately 1337 billion won) is attached to camavinga. Money is money, but there is also a calculation that the Camavinga card can prevent the financial offensive of Premier League clubs.

Bellingham has links with top clubs including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City. However, Bellingham prefers to move to Real Madrid. Bellingham’s agent has already communicated his intention to transfer to Real Madrid.

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