“Real have been in power for 70 years”… Barcelona’s “Operation Water Ghost”

Barcelona president Juan Laporta strongly denied the allegations of buying a referee, which has recently been controversial, and mentioned rival Real Madrid. 

Spanish media Marca reported on the 17th (Korean time), “Laporta held a press conference about the Negreira incident.” 

Spanish prosecutors indicted Barcelona on corruption charges on the 10th. Barcelona is suspected of paying a total of 8.4 million euros (approximately 11.8 billion won) to Jose Maria Enrique Negreira, vice president of the Spanish Referee Technical Committee, and his company from 2001 to 2018.

Prosecutors said, “During the days of former presidents Sandro Rossell and Josef Maria Bartomeu, Barcelona secretly and verbally promised that referees would give decisions in favor of Barcelona in exchange for money.”

President Laporta strongly denied the allegation, saying, “To be clear, Barcelona has never bought the referee and had no intention of buying it.” Once, the referee denied the suspicion of buying. 

According to reports, President Laporta drew a line about the allegations, saying, “Barcelona has never carried out any action with the purpose of changing the game to gain a favorable sporting advantage.” 

“Such repression is unacceptable. The reputation and trust of the club are being put at risk, and there are people who have made irresponsible comments in an intolerable way. We will seek damages as well as legal action to protect our honor. “He criticized him for reporting the allegations. 

President Laporta denied the allegation and emphasized that it was unfair that only they were targeted, referring to rival club Real Madrid. 

He said, “I want to talk about one club. A club that always claimed resentment, was favorable to referee decisions and was considered a team of the regime, they are close to political and economic power.” was a player or manager of Real Madrid, and they were the ones who appointed the people who had to enforce justice on the pitch,” he said, emphasizing that Real was in a position to exert influence on referees. 메이저놀이터

Laporta’s remarks appear to be a counterattack to Real’s comments on the recent Negreira incident, as well as an accusation of Real’s power system.

Real said in a statement on the 12th, “After today’s meeting, the club’s board of directors concluded that the prosecution’s corruption and other charges raised against the former head of Barcelona were serious, and expressed deep concern considering the gravity of the matter.”

On the other hand, local media in Spain said, “As a result of analysis by various legal experts, no evidence of these crimes was submitted in the indictment submitted by the prosecution. At present, it is only speculation, and unless there is other testimony or evidence, the charge of bribing the referee is not submitted. does not exist.” 

With La Liga and Barcelona at the center of controversy over suspicion of bribing referees, Laporta’s president fell in the name of Real Madrid. I wondered if the rivalry between the two clubs would lead to a mud fight due to this scandal.

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