“Rather than being sad and despairing… ” After meeting Peddy, Koo Chang-mo, and Moon Dong-joo, the Futures home run 1st place gained new motivation

“Rather than despairing and despairing, I started studying how to survive, and it gave me new motivation.”메이저놀이터

KT Wiz infielder Kang Min-seong (24), from Daegu Oksan Elementary School, Gyeongsang Middle School, and Gyeongbuk High School, joined KT in the 2nd 6th round in 2019 with the 51st rank. Kang Min-seong, who hit 12 homers in the 2020 season and became the home run king of the Futures Southern League, raised expectations by being selected as the MVP at the 2023 Arizona Spring Camp, where he participated for the first time after being discharged from the military.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol also said, “I definitely have a talent. Hitting the bat is pretty. It would be nice to grow well,” he showed anticipation

On May 2nd, he made his dream first-team debut against SSG Landers. However, establishing himself in the first team was not an easy task. He was demoted back to the second team on May 19 after posting a batting average of 0.182 with 4 hits and 2 runs in 12 games. Since then he has not had a chance to move up to the first team.

He could have been frustrated because he had tasted the bitterness, but instead of feeling frustrated, Kang Min-seong took up his mind with new motivation. He reflected on himself, who had only been hit with confidence. He did not stop training for his growth in hot weather.

Kang Min-seong, who we met on the 17th at the KT Future Steam training ground in Iksan, Jeonbuk, said, “I went up to the first team and met a lot of good pitchers. He met top pitchers in the KBO league, such as Peddie, Chang-mo Koo (NC), and Dong-ju Moon (Hanwha). He felt attached to many things. By doing this, he came to think that he could not fight, let alone hit. He came down to the 2nd team and looking back at me, it seems that he only played baseball with confidence. He thought a lot about how these pitchers could win.”

He added, “I did a lot of research on how to survive rather than being sad or despairing.”

In the first team, he only showed regret, but there is no opponent in the Futures League. Kang Min-seong has a batting average of 0.290, 45 hits, 13 homers, 43 RBIs and 31 points. He ranks first in home runs and second in RBIs in the Futures Southern League. He is stirring up the Futures stage with extraordinary power even though he did not fill the required at-bat.

“I also talk a lot with coach Cho Joong-geun. After experiencing a failure in the first team, he is always thinking about how to succeed and how to fight the pitcher and create an in-play batting ball with the coach. He doesn’t want to miss a mistake, and always tries to work every day with the thought that ‘where I am is the 1st team’.”

After the 2020 season, will there be another desire to become the futures home run king? “I don’t care about the number. When I became conscious, what I wanted to come out no longer came out,” said Kang Min-seong.

His main position is 3rd base, but he is also defending 1st base at the same time this season. he’s still awkward So, he tries to ask KT’s first baseman Byeong-ho Park about many things, and tries to fill in the gaps through training.

Kang Min-seong said, “This is the first time I have been training first base. He learns a lot from senior Byeong-ho and practices a lot in Iksan. He also trains third base a lot with his coaches, and tries to learn a lot from senior (Hwang) Jae-gyun. There are still some deficiencies, but it’s not that difficult. It’s comfortable,” he laughed.

Expanded entry will be implemented in September. There is a good chance of a call-up.

He said, “If I do well where I am now, I think there will be enough opportunities. However, thinking too much about group 1 causes stress. Call-ups are judged by the manager and coaches. I just need to be prepared to show my play.”

Lastly, Kang Min-seong said, “My goal this year was to play in the first team. that has been accomplished Right now, the team is fighting well for the rankings, but if there is a void, I want to fill that void. I feel happy when I imagine fans calling my name when I hit a hit or a home run.”

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