Emma Radukanu (UK, 78th), winner of the 2021 US Open tennis tournament, suffered an ankle injury during the game, making it unclear how to participate in the Australian Open, which opens on the 16th.

According to ESPN on the 6th (Korean time), Radukanu finished the second set in the second round (final of 16) of the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) Tour ASB Classic against Victoria Kuzmova (Slovakia, 105th) held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 5th. He withdrew due to injury.

Radu Kanu, who won the first set with a game score of 6-0, sprained her ankle during the second set, and eventually lost the second set with a game score of 5-7.

Radukanu, who had been complaining of pain in her ankle, exited the arena in tears after leading the third set and eventually announcing her withdrawal.

In preparation for the Australian Open, which opens in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th, Radu Kanu competed in the ABS Classic, but ended up encountering a reef called injury.

He expressed regret, “The court floor was unbelievably slippery. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone other than me got hurt.” 메이저사이트

“I’ve been working hard on my body over the past few months. I feel good and I’m optimistic,” she said.

Radu Kanu, her 2002-born, 19-year-old, catapulted her to international stardom by winning the 2021 US Open. Radu Kanu, who was ranked 150th in the world at the time from the preliminaries, left her name as the first player to win the men’s and women’s singles championships through the preliminaries.

Radukanu, who failed to make more than two rounds in four major tournaments last year, ended the season early in October due to a wrist injury, and was aiming for a comeback in the 2023 season.