R.Madrid transfer virtually a done deal? Dolmoun “I’ve never been offered a move to Bellingham”

‘Crazy talent’ Jude Bellingham’s (Dortmund, 20) move to Spanish giants Real Madrid is up in the air.

Earlier this month, foreign media reported that Bellingham was headed to Real Madrid. ‘English Premier League (EPL) teams are close to signing Bellingham, but Real Madrid will virtually seal the deal,’ Spanish media outlet Marca reported on April 4 (KST). ‘Real Madrid have been planning a move for Bellingham for more than a year. We have now reached an agreement in principle. “The deal will see Bellingham become a Real Madrid player on June 30. His contract runs until 2029.

According to Fabrizio Romano, who is familiar with the European soccer transfer market, the player and club have reached a personal agreement. “Real Madrid want to finalize the deal with Bellingham this month, as they did with Aurélien Chouameni to avoid late negotiations,” Romano wrote on social media. A personal agreement is close to being reached.”메이저놀이터

Bellingham, born in 2003, has been one of the ‘biggest names’ of this summer’s transfer window. The youngster had already been recognized as a world-class performer at the age of 19, when he was called up to the England squad for his first World Cup, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Bellingham’s share price was at a premium. Man City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea were in the running for Bellingham. However, Liverpool pulled out last month after balking at a £100 million-plus transfer fee, according to British media outlets.

In fact, if he wanted the money, he had to sign with a Premier League team. Premier League teams that would have been willing to drop their weekly wages to win Bellingham’s heart. But Bellingham chose a dream. He decided to wear a Real Madrid jersey, something he had dreamed of doing since he was a kid.

Bellingham’s move to Real Madrid wasn’t 100% finalized. There was still the matter of the transfer fee for both clubs to resolve. We’re talking at least $200 million. According to Germany’s Bild, Dortmund are asking for £124 million (approximately $207 billion). Madrid want to settle for between £90 million and £150 million. Dortmund don’t want to get into a tug-of-war over the transfer fee either. It looked like it would end up somewhere in the middle.

However, the situation at Bellingham changed 180 degrees with one word from a Dortmund official. “There have been transfer rumors about Bellingham, but nothing has been put on the table,” Dortmund president Sebastian Kell told British outlet Athletic. There were no offers.” This response from the Dortmund manager suggests that the transfer talks have not gone well. On the other hand, there is still hope for the EPL team.

Man City had expressed interest in Bellingham. They were just waiting to see what would happen. They hadn’t made a concrete offer. That could change if City gets in on the action. Elling Holland have also reportedly made an offer for Bellingham.

Dortmund still want to hold on to Bellingham. Bellingham’s contract ends in 2025 and he wants to renew it. Dortmund are planning to offer a €14 million ($19.8 million) salary, which is well below the €20 million ($28.3 million) Real Madrid have offered.

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