Praise for Kim Ha-seong’s fantastic glove toss: “Oh my god, it’s perfect.” This is why he is a strong candidate for the Gold Glove

 Although San Diego has been virtually defeated in the postseason, they are continuing to do their best until the end of the season. On the 17th (Korean time), they won 5-2 against Oakland at the Oakland Coliseum in California, USA, and recorded their 3rd consecutive win.카지노사이트

According to statistics website ‘FanGraphs’, San Diego’s probability of advancing to the postseason is only 0.1%. While the Dodgers confirmed their victory in the National League West Division on the 17th, they are also ranked 7th in the National League wild card race. The gap between them and Arizona and Cincinnati, tied for third place, is 6.5 games. The wild card race trade number is also ‘7’. no possibility.

However, the players are showing their will to do their best until the end. Joe Musgrove, Yu Darvish, and Manny Machado are out of the season to receive treatment for injuries, but their performance is still maintained to some extent. The fantastic glove toss shown by Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) in the game on the 17th was also one of the evidence.

Kim Ha-seong, whose batting average had plummeted in September, stepped up to his most familiar position as the starting first baseman and second baseman. Kim Ha-seong, who has left a strong impression in his first at-bat in the first inning of this season, walked in his first at-bat against Mason Miller, the Oakland starter and ‘100 mile prospect’ that day. Kim Ha-seong, who expertly controlled the tempo as his own by requesting time once in the middle, calmly selected the ball even in an unfavorable count. He was pushed to 1B-2S, but ended up getting a walk.

Ha-seong Kim went to third base when follow-up hitter Tatis Jr. doubled to right field, and tagged up on Soto’s sacrifice fly and hit home. On this day, he became the main scorer in the final.

In the 4th inning, with a 2-1 lead, he hit a right-field hit against Oakland’s second pitcher, Medina, by catching a sinker well inside the body. It was a day when, after a long time, reaching base twice in one game was completed. After that, Ha-Seong Kim had no chance to shine at the plate, and the game seemed to end like this. However, he left a strong impression again at the last moment by showing a performance that was close to acrobatics in defense. It was Kim Ha-seong’s sense and quickness that reminded us why he is a strong candidate for the Gold Glove award for second baseman in the National League this season.

In the 9th inning, with San Diego leading 5-2, Hader came out as the closer, and Allen hit a heavy hit with one out and runners on first base. He hit the ball past second base. Kim Ha-seong, who was in a good defensive position, moved quickly and caught it. The next problem was the apology. In order to throw to first base, a jumping throw was needed as a reverse action. Even for Kim Ha-seong, it wasn’t easy. This is where Kim Ha-seong’s judgment shined.

The direction of progress was toward shortstop. His momentum was so strong that even if he took just one or two more steps, he would pass second base. However, Ha-seong Kim connected it with a sensational glove toss before passing by. If he had caught it with his right hand and thrown it again, he would have missed the timing of the throw, but he made a fantastic play before that. Even the apology was accurate. It went straight into the glove of shortstop Bogaerts, who was covering second base.

Allen’s quick feet did not lead to a double play. However, everyone praised this defense. Hader also sat on the mound and looked at this in disbelief. If it had been an infield hit, Hader would have been nervous with one out and runners on first and second base, but Ha-seong Kim prevented this.

The local San Diego broadcasters also exclaimed in exclamation. The San Diego broadcaster, who was watching this scene again in slow motion, said, “There was a good play between Kim Ha-seong and Bogaerts at second base. When you see Hader smiling, it’s as if he’s saying, ‘Oh my goodness.'” did.

He continued, “Look at this glove flip. It’s a perfect play. It went from glove to glove.” When the San Diego broadcasting crew focused on Kim Ha-seong, they praised him as “a friend you can’t help but like.”

This out count gave Hader strength, and in the end, San Diego won 5-2 without allowing any variables to Oakland. Ha-Seong Kim is leading the league in defensive indicators such as DRS and OAA this year. Because he diligently played as a second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop, his defensive indicators are somewhat dispersed by position, but in the overall total, he boasts numbers that are comparable to those of any central infielder.

There is also analysis that he is currently competing with Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs) for the second baseman Gold Glove. That’s the case when looking at defensive innings, DRS and OAA numbers, and local reactions. He is also a strong candidate for the utility player category, which was created last year. The Major League’s official website ( also predicted a high possibility of winning the award on the 15th, saying, ‘Kim Ha-seong may receive a Gold Glove at second base, or else he may be selected as the best utility player.’ The defense on this day also proved this assessment.

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