Portuguese striker Gonzalo Hamus is close to renewing his contract with Benfica.

Hamus made a name for himself in this World Cup. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Portugal belonged to Group H and met Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea in turn, finishing first with 2 wins and 1 loss, advancing to the round of 16.

The opponent in the round of 16 was Switzerland. Portugal came out with an unconventional starting lineup that day. Excluding Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the original main and captain, Goncalo Hamus was the front-line striker. Hamus, a 21-year-old divinity, went through Benfica youth and was showing his best form this season, scoring 9 goals and 3 assists in 11 Portuguese league games.

And it clearly proved his good performance. Hamus, who started against Switzerland, scored his first World Cup goal with a powerful left-footed shot in the first half. Hamus showed off his scoring sense by adding two more goals and led his team to a 6-1 victory.

It was a great record. Hamus’ hat-trick record on the day became the first hat-trick ever recorded by a Portuguese player in a World Cup since the legendary Portuguese striker Eusebio’s hat-trick. After scoring a hat-trick in his first World Cup start, Hamus immediately came to the fore.

As a result, interest from big clubs naturally followed. Representatively, Manchester United was constantly observing Hamus. Cristiano Ronaldo left the team after a conflict with the team, and Manchester United were looking for candidates to recruit a forward striker.메이저사이트

However, it is said that a renewal of his contract with Benfica is imminent. According to Portuguese media ‘Hecord’, “Benfica and Gonzalo Hamus are imminently renewing the contract. The content is to extend the contract period until 2025 or 2026 and increase the salary. Negotiations are going smoothly, and at the latest next year 1 It will be signed within the beginning of the month.”

The media added, “Benfica rejected the English club’s offer in the summer and promised a salary increase for Hamus. The current buyout amount for Hamus is 120 million euros (approximately 166.7 billion won).” Meanwhile, Hamus, who proved himself in the World Cup, has a good chance of becoming a target for other clubs if he continues to play an active role in the league.