‘Pochettino shock decision’…no new FW signings! Prepare for next season with ‘controversial FW’

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has made a ‘shocking decision’.

The lack of a frontline striker was one of the biggest problems for Chelsea last season. Despite spending a record amount of money in the winter transfer window, they had no frontline striker.

Therefore, if Chelsea are to make a leap forward next season, they will need to sign a new frontline striker. However, Pochettino shook his head at the idea. He decided not to sign a new striker. He opted for the return of ‘controversial striker’ Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan).스포츠토토

Lukaku moved to Chelsea in 2021, but failed to adapt to the team and continued to struggle. He was loaned to Inter Milan, where he played until this season. Lukaku could return to Chelsea for next season.

Lukaku scored 10 goals in 25 games for Inter Milan last season. Overall, he scored 14 goals in 37 games. Not bad for a player who helped Inter Milan win the Coppa Italia and reach the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final.

“Pochettino is keen to give Lukaku a second chance at Chelsea,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

“Chelsea and Pochettino would welcome Lukaku back to Chelsea,” the publication continued. Lukaku enjoyed a productive second half of his career at Inter Milan. He helped them win the Coppa Italia and reach the UCL final. Pochettino will give Lukaku a chance to prove his worth.”

Another controversial striker who remains at Chelsea is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whose departure is certain.

“Aubameyang will undoubtedly leave Chelsea soon, leaving Lukaku as the only striker at the club. Instead of signing two new strikers, Chelsea want Lukaku back. It would also save them money.”

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