‘Please leave the team’… Shall we agree to break up with 6.4 billion? “Looking for a temporary director”

Will Tottenham manager Antonio Conte part ways with the team?

The British media’Daily Mail’ said on the 21st (Korean time), “Tottenham are negotiating with coach Conte over a compensation of 4 million pounds (about 6.4 billion won),” and “Coach Ryan Mason is emerging as a candidate for interim manager.” Reported.

He added, “Chairman Daniel Levy is ready to sack Conte during the A-match break. Internal discussions are currently underway on the terms of his sack.”

Also, “Conte has only three months left on his current contract worth £15 million (about 24 billion won) a year. He can receive around £4 million in compensation, excluding money to Conte’s staff.” .

The media said, “Tottenham has an option to extend the extension for another 12 months with Conte. However, there is no obligation to compensate for not fulfilling the terms of the extension.” It will be finished,” he said. 먹튀검증

Conte’s future was uncertain throughout the season. There were also reports that he could leave for Italy at the end of this season. Under these circumstances, his performance was not satisfactory. Last summer, the team was reinforced through full investment, but it did not show any improvement.

Conte also expressed his dissatisfaction with the squad after the recent draw with Southampton. He said, “The problem is that we showed that we are not a ‘team’. 11 players are playing on the ground, and I see selfish players. I see players who do not help each other and do not give their hearts.” There was, but why didn’t I get anything? Is it only the fault of the club or all the managers who have been here?”

In the end, the possibility of Tottenham and manager Conte parting has increased. ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Coach Mason is being discussed as a candidate to finish the season as manager Conte’s successor,” and “Conte returned to Italy to spend time with his family during the break.”

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